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  1. buckhuntertrailcam

    Auto on camera

    Your in California yer? I go to the USA every September bow hunting for a month then attend taxidermy courses, so l might drop in one day
  2. buckhuntertrailcam

    Samsung cam

    What a shame l was hoping for a hack description as l already looked on ebay and there were a few for sale under $20.
  3. buckhuntertrailcam

    3 PIR Circuit

    I think that is a great idea, using the side pir's to start up the cam and then when the subject is framed the middle pir takes over.
  4. buckhuntertrailcam

    Auto on camera

    Sorry George, if l could help in any way at all l would but it is way beyond me. If l lived closer l would love to come and hang out as l am absolutely positive l would learn plenty.
  5. buckhuntertrailcam

    My Brothers Bow Booner

    Good point and I shall remember it.
  6. buckhuntertrailcam

    My Brothers Bow Booner

    I think from memory Wisconsin still holds the record for the most Booners.
  7. buckhuntertrailcam

    Oldsters Like To Hunt Too

    Well done and great write-up, you must have felt proud of that shot! That is a nice buck anyone would be more than happy with him.
  8. buckhuntertrailcam

    My Brothers Bow Booner

    Dream buck right there, the perfect framed buck, and with a bow just WOW. What state did he kill it in?
  9. buckhuntertrailcam

    A Buck I Nicknamed "skyscraper"

    Well done & great story. You passed up 40 bucks l can only dream of that lol. I too love a big buck with trash.
  10. buckhuntertrailcam

    Euro Mount

    He did a good job; nice and white. Did he boil it or use Dermitid beetles?
  11. buckhuntertrailcam

    Want a Laugh...

    I think that young red (deer) just ate a mouthful of chilli peppers lol...
  12. buckhuntertrailcam

    Finished up latest build - Sony W30 w/ Slave

    Yep got it thanks George
  13. buckhuntertrailcam

    Finished up latest build - Sony W30 w/ Slave

    Sent George 😊
  14. buckhuntertrailcam

    Samsung cam

    Wifey needs some training hahahahaha. .........
  15. buckhuntertrailcam

    Samsung cam

    I haven't heard of it, but l am a BIG Samsung fan. You will have to keep us posted on this one.