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  1. buckhuntertrailcam

    Photobucket photos

    Well thats great it will be good if it stays that way.
  2. buckhuntertrailcam

    Sw Minnesota trail cam pics 05-20-2018

    Great round up. I sure do like "your" Wood duck over there, much prettier than ours.
  3. Great good luck with the build 😊
  4. Not sure if you know (& if had not been following this post I wouldn't) the DV150 has a horribly slow start up time. It would be better using the DV159.
  5. I reckon you have it licked, it seems to be taking decent video and there's plenty of light.
  6. buckhuntertrailcam


    I enjoy John's vid clips.......... John why don't you try Vimeo it seems to work well for some on here?
  7. buckhuntertrailcam

    Video cams - what's new

    Yup on www.ebay.com (USA ebay). Just checked again and it is still there. Exactly the same as the image you posted.. I could post up a screenshot but I don't think that necessary. I put "Jazz camcorder" into the search and it is the second item. It is $10
  8. buckhuntertrailcam

    Video cams - what's new

    Well certainly an economical project there's a couple of new ones (still in original unopened package) on ebay for $10. Might have to look at a project down the track 😊
  9. buckhuntertrailcam

    Video cams - what's new

    Be interested to see what cam it is 😁
  10. buckhuntertrailcam

    Panasonic LZ10 Pics

    Great thanks for that
  11. buckhuntertrailcam

    My Own Version Of A "furfindr" Using Picaxe

    So I know it is a while ago but how did it go?
  12. buckhuntertrailcam

    Hydro Dipping Cases

    Excellent very effective
  13. buckhuntertrailcam

    New Jazz Build - 4 days to finish

    Waiting....... lol
  14. buckhuntertrailcam

    What's happened to all the smaller SD cards?

    Thanks for the reply Ralph, but they don't post to us, unfortunately
  15. buckhuntertrailcam

    What's happened to all the smaller SD cards?

    Thanks for the reply that's a good deal, but the postage is $32.