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  1. Sambar hind

    You did a great job on the edit. It took me a while to get this programme to accept it I think it is because it needed to be downsized considerably?
  2. Sambar hind

    Its often difficult to capture an interesting daytime image of one of these mostly nocturnal deer. I am more than happy with this early morning shot. Nikon L11, Game watcher controller.
  3. f ox

    Great shot what camera
  4. 4K Action Cam

    So that's he project for now, but how did the underwater cam with the big lead weight on the bottom work out?
  5. All my homebew for sale

    That's gold 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  6. Nifty New Charger

    $150 in Australia on Ebay
  7. Inexpensive Soldering Station

    OMG how can they make it, sell it, resell and everyone gets a peice of the pie at that price?
  8. Just a Couple More

    Looking good John I like the idea of the sound amp.
  9. Problem with Samsung A402

    I am sure we tied everything you suggested. I have tried every setting as well. Here's what we talked about: Motion switch off to adjust settings, Cam type 1,, walk test off, walk test on start up off, 5 sec, day, 20 sec night, flash refresh 30 min., sensitivity Med., pictures per event 1, & 1.5 sec delay after the PIR detects motion until the shutter fires...... small SD card,
  10. Panasonic LZ10 Pics

    They are excellent images, that 2800 is doing a great job. I will be installing a couple in an L11 and JZ250 builds shortly looking forward to the challenge. Is there any chance that you can post up a couple of images of your build? Thanks
  11. Problem with Samsung A402

    Yep it is, the correct one & I have changed the chip as well. So far it has everyone stumped including Gary. I think I am going to give up on it (I have spent too much time on it.) and just use the new board in another build.
  12. Problem with Samsung A402

    Mine ran without a single issue on any card up to and including 16gb (until now) for 14 years!
  13. Problem with Samsung A402

    Thanks for your response JDH I tried 2 new board batteries already, even different brands. I tried different cards, even tried a 2gb card a 1 gb card, never had a problem before and I always use an 8gb card in this cam.
  14. Problem with Samsung A402

    Looking for help, I have been trying with not much luck to work out what might be the problem. My A402 & SS board has in the past never let me down. However now it has started to do all sorts of things, like fail to power on, stay on but not take an image, walk test not work, intermittently work. perfectly in the day - some days, take 2 flash images then refuse to take any more. etc etc. I have replaced, the card, with a new one (even formatted the card in the camera), batteries in the camera and the board, replaced all wiring. checked all solder joints. Replaced the board with a brand new SSII, board. Changed all settings, rang Gary a couple of times to ask his opinion. Lastly the camera works perfectly outside the build, the hack works every time I have checked it. Thanks.
  15. close-up owl

    do you know what specie of owl?