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  1. buckhuntertrailcam

    Sw Minnesota trail cam pics 05-11-2019

    Just gotta love Wood ducks prettiest duck of all world wide
  2. buckhuntertrailcam

    Li'l Foxes

    Very nice peice of video Woody, such a shame that you can't leave a camera there - unfortunately we have the same problems down here.
  3. buckhuntertrailcam

    WTB - 2 Jazz Cameras

    Correct me if l am wrong but l think George (Bulltalk) was working with those?
  4. buckhuntertrailcam

    Winter photos from 2019

    Whats the coyote got?
  5. buckhuntertrailcam

    Hey Bulltalk.65

    Eventhough l am from Australia l too noted his absence
  6. buckhuntertrailcam

    Winter photos from 2019

    Very nice great to see some different birds from ours.
  7. buckhuntertrailcam

    Lithium-ion batteries

    Eneloop (Japanese: エネループ Hepburn: Enerūpu) is a brand of 1.2-volt low self-discharge nickel–metal hydride (NiMH) rechargeable batteries and accessories developed by Sanyo (later acquired by Panasonic), introduced in 2005. I and a lot of others prefer these or the same battery branded differently
  8. buckhuntertrailcam

    Trevor's GoPro Hero2

    Can't wait to get those new parts in my hands and get that build done! These Gopro's are crystal clear and the sound amp makes it all so much better. Thanks again Ralph.
  9. buckhuntertrailcam

    New build

    Hmmm, the Panasonic's don't print either - unfortunately
  10. buckhuntertrailcam

    New build

    Great job Ralph. That rabbit looks like it has shorter ears than ours.
  11. buckhuntertrailcam


    I will be thinking of you George, all the best mate, hope everything goes well for you.
  12. buckhuntertrailcam

    Found Big Mushroom

    Looks like a puffball toadstool to me.
  13. buckhuntertrailcam

    Sw Minnesota trail cam pics 02-03-2019

    Great roundup there and snow always makes them look at bit better.
  14. buckhuntertrailcam

    De bugging

    Gotta love the Aussie bush and our huge number of native birds.
  15. buckhuntertrailcam

    First attempt at YouTube

    Nice job John. You should use VIMEO, way more user friendly and quick upload. I gave up on utube years ago for the reasons you experience.
  16. buckhuntertrailcam

    Been Offline

    I still have one of those phones and use it daily as it is usually the only one that works reliably as the others are normally flat or not working for some other lame reason lol.
  17. buckhuntertrailcam


    How do l find my private messages? I need to find the private messages that l have already read. I can find the new private messages but l want to find the old ones. Thanks to anyone who knows.
  18. buckhuntertrailcam


    Ok upon further investigation using the "search" l am not the only one who is having the same problems. Top right of screen l do not have my name and Avatar or an envelope indicating messages that part of my screen is blank. Thank goodness I found this out l was beginning to think l was going mad. Anyway it has not solved the problem but has told me that there is a problem any help from the administration would be appreciated thanks Trevor
  19. buckhuntertrailcam


    Thanks for the reply Ralph, Where do l look on this forum is what l want to know? I do see a little red dot on the top right but once I have been there and read the message how the heck do you find it again l have been tearing my hair out for months, l can't get a reply. Thanks
  20. buckhuntertrailcam


    Yesterday or at the most the day before.
  21. Send me a message please 

    1. bulltalk.65


      Hi Trevor,

      Ha, really weird, this just popped up today as a new message in my messages.... 

      Anyway, just wanted to say it was good talking with ya and glad we got the chance to bs a little.  You ever need anything or have any question  feel free to hit me up any time.



  22. buckhuntertrailcam

    Grandson's Largemouth Mount

    From one taxidermist to another very nice job Ralph 😉
  23. buckhuntertrailcam

    A503 Build

    Hello, l do realize this is an older post but did you sell this build? I noted you had no replies. You can reply here or p.m. me thanks
  24. buckhuntertrailcam

    Backyard Fox Captured On GoPro Hero HD

    Typical fox 😊
  25. buckhuntertrailcam

    Backyard Fox Captured On GoPro Hero HD

    Good stuff Ralph, did he turn up at all during the day?