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    Loss of a Hagshouse Member

    This is Chris's brother Chuck. I live in Sweden and have for the past several years. When Chris "212" passed away, I let John Badgerbuckhunter know and he was kind enough to pass it on to the rest of this forum. I admire and appreciate all the support and respect that you guys showed. Peggy took a lot of comfort in reading what people here had to say. My brother was cremated and we buried his ashed in the roots of a newly planted pine tree in their front yard. I miss him terribly. Peggy has been involved with the Church in Sutherland Springs for many years. She was always volunteering there for one thing or another and was well liked and respected by everyone there. She didn't attend while taking care of Chris during his last months,but instead stayed by his side. Peggy survived melanoma some years ago, she also recently survived breast cancer. And she survived my brothers passing away. She was THE kindest person I have known anywhere, she never let anyone feel left out, and could make anyone she talked to feel appreciated and special. I don't know when she's returned to going to Church, but she went there on Sunday and had taken her 18 year old grandson with her. Zachary recently bought his first car, with money earned from a part time job. To save as much as possible, he would microwave raw potatoes at work as lunch. I'm sure there will be details regarding the shooting released in the next few days. It is beyond my understanding that a person can decide to actually do such a thing.. I am just as sad for Peggy as I am for the other victims. I would like to thank you all for the friendship and respect you've shown both Chris and Peggy over the years. You were their friends. AS Tinhorn just wrote "at least both are back together". Peggy and Chris were truly and deeply in love, Peggy doesn't have to miss her husband any longer.