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  1. Arkansaselkhunter

    Merry Christmas Old Friends.

    Just wanted to tell all my old friends Merry Christmas. I hope all is well with you and yours and that this year has been a good one for you all. I thought about you all the other day when guy told me "your bad idea gave me a good one". That brought back memories of all the crazy stuff we tried that ended up working. The power of collective thinking of like minded individuals. May God bless you all this season and the coming year as well.
  2. I have a bass pro credit card and have $138 in Bass Pro bucks saved up. I and going to order a RCBS Master kit but BP does not carry them. If anyone is interested I can have a gift certificate sent to them in their name for $138 for $125 in Paypal. Not much of a gain, I know, but it beats a poke in the eye with a sharp stick if your gonna buy something from thm anyway. if anyboby is interested, just send me an email.
  3. Arkansaselkhunter

    Do You Ever Wonder What Happened To Other Members?

    I'm not dead yet. And it's good to see I'm not forgotton. Don't feel like I don't still love you, cause I do. Like HH said, bought some land and started a new business. I just plain don't have any time anymore. I diddn't even deer hunt this year. Shot my bow one time in the shop just to see if I could remember how. We are bilding the cabin on the lake and we have it in the dry. The lake is full and running over the spillway. Life is good, real good. If the business will just take off, it'll be like being in heaven. I check in every week or so, it just seems like I don't have time to post any more. I know I probably won't get back for a while. My dial up just ends up making me mad and I turn it off. We've been without power since thursday night till 7:00 tonight. We got 12" :Pretty big snow for Aransas, especially this time of year.
  4. Arkansaselkhunter

    E-caller Parts

    I have some E-Caller parts I might as well sell if anyone is interested. They've been sitting around too long. Camo Energizer Flashlight with the saddle bags - $15 Speco Horn - $12 And the NAdy 351 remote xmitter reciever $59 Some Misc 3.5mm patch cords All you'd need would be the RS Amp and an antena unless I'm forgetting something Thanks AEH Email me because it takes too long to log in much anymore and I get mad and get up before it ever goes through. Mike (at) arkansaselkhunter.com
  5. Arkansaselkhunter

    New Website Up and Going

    I used to have a .com named Photostalker. I was going to go comercial but decided against it. I was going to offer you that but I just did a search and to comes up with "forbidden-Pornography"
  6. Arkansaselkhunter

    Be out of touch for a while

    Just wanted to let you guys know I may be hard to reach for a while. I'll be packing up the PC tomarrow morning and Don't have internet in the new place yet. We sold our house and have bought a Trailer and had it moved out to our land. We'll live there while we build the house. Most of the furnature is out of the house and we'll be finishing the move over the next 3 days. (man I have lots of junk.....or a .....Stuff). The house sold in a week to the first looker and we wern't quite ready. We bought a trailer and had it moved and set-up thursday. Carpet on Friday, Painted all weekend. Septic on Monday, Water tomarrow, we drilled a well two weeks ago. Power on Thursday, AC on Thursday night and we close on Friday. Start building back the porches on Monday. I took last week and this week off on vacation and been killing myself to get done. I almost have my shop finished, just have to trim out the inside but we're moving in anyway. I can do that later. We're way out there. No DSL, no cable, no wireless. Looking into the satelite option. I have a 13 yr old thats gonna have to figure out what lifes like without World of warcraft and X-box live. It'll do him good though. The lakes full and there's plenty of rock to pickup in the yard area. Any way I'll be around in a week or so one way or another, but if I don't reply before then don't give up.
  7. Arkansaselkhunter

    Is .223 right gun?

    What's long range and are you hunting or shooting. If you gonna hunt then get a light gun. If you plan to hang out on the range, you might consider a heavy gun but I've lugged the 15 pounders around and it really takes the fun out of it. plus everyshot won't be a long one and every coyotte won't be standing still. You just can't swing a heavy gun on a running dog with any degree of sucess. There are degrees of accuracy that you can only approach on the bench. You can't get there perched on a rock or leaning against a tree, so don't get too caught up in all the accuracy hype. Buy a good gun, but you don't have to over spend to stack up coyottes higher than you care to lift them. Put that money in your optics and a trigger. If you really like to shoot, 223 is the right choice. It's near balistically perfect and inherently accurate. 22-250 is a good round, but they cost too much to shoot a lot. So does everything else unless you are made of money or one of these guys that takes forever to pop a cap on the bench. If you want to be really accurate, you need to tune a load to the gun no matter what you get. If you don't want to re-load then get a 223. You might get lucky and get a factory quarter MOA load for the 22-250 but your chances are much greater with a 223. There are so many flavors out there you can probably find a load whatever you buy will like. I have a Varminter that will keep up with most bolt guns, and it's fun to shoot but way too heavy to hunt with. I have a Weatherby Vangaurd in 30-06 that's freaky accurate. Scarry even. -1/4" 5 shot goups at 100yds. It's the cheapest gun out there and will outshoot anything I've ever had the pleasure to pull the trigger on. My next rifle purchase will be the Vangaurd in 223. Light and if it's anything like it's big brother, I'll be happy.
  8. Arkansaselkhunter

    Dad get's a Limb-hanger

    Thats what I understand, They detach the retina around the edges and then drain the vitrus fluid and replace it with a nitrous-oxide bubble. The bubble keeps pressure on the back of the eye while the retina heals. The hard part is going to be holding his head down for a week.
  9. Arkansaselkhunter

    Dad get's a Limb-hanger

    Thanks guys. We got some good news yesterday. THey are going to operate on his left eye tuesday. He'll have to lay face down for a week afterwards 24 hrs a day. The doctor thinks there is a pretty good chance they can restore his vision at least to where he can still drive. That would be wonderful. I'll keep you informed
  10. Arkansaselkhunter

    Dad get's a Limb-hanger

    I have been too busy lately but I just wanted to share this with you guys. My dad is my best hunting buddy and my best friend. 6 years ago he lost his vision in his right eye to macular degeneration, a retinal problem. He taught himself to shoot left handed and life went on. He has shot two running elk and a bear with his muzzeloader since and has obviously abapted. The doctor said it almost never attacks both eyes but last month he began noticing problems in his left eye. It went downhill fast. He soon got past the legal driving limit, but last week we went for one last turkey hunt. We located a bird at daylight and set-up. he hung up and we moved. He hung up again not 50 yards over a rise so we crawled/scooted (dad's 70) up to the edge of the rise. We were two hours into the hunt and I decided to make something happen. I could see his head but dad could not make him out. I told him where he was and told dad to stand up. It was all or nothing. Dad stood up and I heard the bird put in alarm. I waited for the shot, and waited... it seened like forever but finally he shot. I jumped up to see the bird rolling down the hill. Dad put the mojo on him at 50 yards. Dad said that If I had not told him that he was a turkey, he would never have made him out. He could just make out a black spot. But he rolled that black spot down the hill. He was a super bird: a true limbhanger and dad's biggest ever. Not a bad note to end on. There is a surgery and he's been seeing a specialist. There is a Chance that they can stop the decline and even restore some vision. I believe in the power of prayer and I have seen God do some miraculous things. I'm requesting the prayers of anyone who believes the same for my dad. He's too active to make a very good blind man. It breaks my heart to think about it. We were just getting started on building his cabin at the lake. Pray for Gods will to be done, but pray for restoration of his vision.
  11. Arkansaselkhunter

    Another How-to-Solder Site

    You made a funny! Soldering...Tip...Get it??
  12. Arkansaselkhunter

    New Product

    I like it. I always prefered the wide angle lens. I try one for sure. What material will you be molding them from. ABS? Single cavity, mud frame, aluminum tool? That'll set you back some.
  13. Arkansaselkhunter

    I need some help

    I posted this over in the technical help forum but I thought I might get a little better exposure here. Link I need a circuit to sence curent flow so I can add Idle control to my generator. Any help will be greatly appreciated, as always
  14. Arkansaselkhunter

    Idle Control Module

    I appreciate your help but trust me, There is no Idle control module. It's not there physically. The manual says it's not supposed to be there and it's not. The solenoid is all thats there. There is no wire to the soleniod, just the solenoid. They must use that same honda engine on the Pro 6500 that does have idle control and honda must provide the solenoid. I got this responce from coleman service. Mike I have one additional question. The honda motor is equiped with an Idle control solenoid. I know this model does not come with that option, but what is required to make it operable? Could I get a wireing diagram for the Pro Series 6500 Powermate Corporation Sorry it can not be added on to that generator. Mike Thanks again for your help. Could I ask why? Is it because of the Automatic Voltage regulation? Powermate Corporation No the generator head does not have the separator winding in it to power the ideal control circuit. I still think it can be done, I just need a curcuit to sence current flow.
  15. Arkansaselkhunter

    Idle Control Module

    BBH, It's not adjusting it I need. It has no Idle control module, only the soleniod. I need to build the circuitry to energize the solenoid when it sences current or the generator coming under load. 212. The only two I've looked at both have the solenoid energized to idle the generator down. It pulls back against the governer spring to reduce the RPM when there is no load. Then let's it go when it see's a load and allows the governer linkage to adjust the throttle as needed to maintain a constant RPM I need a circuit to sence current flow and fire a relay to energize the solenoid. If I had a component to send a signal when current flow was present, I could use a transistor to fire a relay. I just need some smart guy to tell me what to use. I'm pretty sure the honda will have some 12 volt available, but I havn't tried to find it yet.