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  1. wapiti

    Little Buck Rub

    Yeah, he has goals, he'll be big one day!! Thanks guys!
  2. wapiti

    Waterfowling Pics

    Killin a few here and there, but it's more sitting and enjoying the view than anything. Be safe, and have a Merry Christmas....
  3. wapiti

    Nikon L14

    beachcamera.com has the L14 + 1G SD card and free shipping for $109.00
  4. wapiti

    New Pics

    No, I'm a professional wildlife biologist, amateur photographer. I'd like to sell some someday...
  5. wapiti

    New Pics

    It's there in my signature... Thanks!
  6. wapiti


    Very nice, should be a good year next year.
  7. wapiti

    Full Velvet Yet

    Cool pic, it could be a hermaphrodite, a hunter killed one at Fort Knox this year that had both sex organs. taken the 3rd weekend of November.
  8. wapiti

    New Pics

    Thanks, the first one was also trailing a hot doe, she went across the fence first, I was ready.
  9. wapiti

    New Pics

    I haven't been around much lately, keep having to relog, aggravating. Here are some new pics:
  10. wapiti

    Before And After 2007

    Thanks everyone!
  11. Trailcam, P41 IR. 4.5 year old buck, 14 scoreable points, central KY....
  12. wapiti

    Just a few deer pics...

    Thanks everyone!
  13. Been a while since I posted anything. Season opens tomorrow....
  14. wapiti

    some pics from FL

    Near Crystal River...