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  1. It’s been a long long time since I’ve logged on,, 3 years likely. so where can a guy get some basic parts ? im down to dented and hole punched IR lenses and dead boards. i believe the online store has closed, and I do see postings of members selling everything out, whole lots. and if there is still an active member from Canada with some boards and lenses, contact me please. US is ok too but long time to complete payment and shipping. any help is appreciated. gyp
  2. Hey, do you still have ur DXG567 ?

  3. gypsy

    Who’s still open?

    Ok thanks bull, yes I have been away a while. i did just order a few fres from Gary, I’ve been lucky and only needed to repair a few of my 25 cams over the past 4-5 years. i still have 7 or my 9 DXG’s and 14 of my 16 Sony’s still working. gyp
  4. Cows were scattering when they heard a commmotion. Then they reralized its just a bull elk, all is good. gyp http://vidmg.photobucket.com/albums/v312/T...zpsclqftizh.mp4
  5. gypsy

    Dxg567 Power Question

    Try another mem card. I find on my DXG units an odd mem card will do a few things. It can pop up the mag glass, or even not power up at all. Beyond that you may need another main board. Out of my 10 DXG567 units, 4 of them switcher units, I've had to replace 3 main boards on them. And ive had to go back to non switching lens's too on those repairs, but the work fine now. When I replace a main board I keep the old base and lower board since its already wired for mic and aux P/S. Gyp
  6. gypsy

    Pel 1040's Camo

    Ok thanks, So there are still some available. gyp
  7. If I recall, these have been out of production for 1-2 yrs now ? What are uncut camo Mossy Oak 1040's going for now ? They used to be $34 ea I believe. I have 20 still boxed, I will sell them if there is still a market for them. Will considder offers on a few or whole lot. gyp
  8. gypsy

    P41 Memory Battery

    Got it, Was under the battery compartment. USB and video plugs come out as one piece with the mini battery. Had a few parts cameras. gyp
  9. One of my P41's is popping back to default music, date time screen every time it turns on, and no pics. Where is the small memory battery located, back panel ? Thanks, gyp
  10. gypsy

    Dxg 567

    They are a tough mod, for some of us anyways, ha. I have 4 of those with exch, 5 IR with B224 lens, and one day only. So I am running 10 DXG's this summer and fall. I love the video with kit98 sound. Good luck with yours, hope all works for you. gyp
  11. Can someone post the correct wiring of the 3 pin plug to the HT switcher driver board ? I'm finishing a few builds from parts & boards I've had for nearly a year now, and I may have the outer 2 wires crossed. No switching on power-up. Just want to confirm my wiring, The jacks have red, white & black, but not all in consistant order. Thanks, gyp
  12. He's a good one Dave, Good luck with him. gyp
  13. Looking for just one DXG 567, pink or any color. Can be hacked with servo but I will want the original lens for day only. Pm me please with what you have. Thanks, gyp
  14. gypsy

    12v Sla Connections

    FMJ, are these 6 ohm 1/4 watt ? And needed for 12 v to switcher, would the resistor be needed for a 6 v P/S to switcher too ? Thanks, gyp
  15. You guys are thinking too much, ha. Just put part of a square bale under a picnic table, and there you have it. gyp
  16. I have a few BF's and I just want to try something other than the AAA's for the PS. Has anyone tried a 9 volt ? What can I expect ? If average mAh of AAA is about 700 and 300 for a fair 9 V, I guess it would be only about half the battery life of the triple A's ? I am averaging a month or 2 on my AAA's in the BF's. I have one with 3 C cells and it is great, 6 - 8 months or better, but case size limits what I can do on these others. Thanks, gyp
  17. gypsy

    9 Volt With A Bf Board

    All are P41 units with flush face .65 fres's. 1 to 3 yrs old on the average. I'll do a voltage draw check. gyp
  18. gypsy

    9 Volt With A Bf Board

    Is it normal to have my Alk AAA's drop from 1.55 V new to 1.35 - 1.40 V in a week or 2 ? gyp
  19. gypsy

    Lithium C Cell?

    Anyone compared these bearwobbles to the white / red / blue Tenergy NIMh "C" cells ? I use the Tenergy C's but have nothing to compare them to. gyp
  20. I need to install a Yeti board in an older P41 unit that had a different board in it previously. In order to have the lens and PIR line up I need to flip the yeti. Would ere be any issues of having the board upside-down ? Thanks, gyp
  21. I recall this posted a while back. A few of my DXG units, set for 30 sec, or 60 sec clips are taking 2 sec clips. Not all the time, jus sometimes. What was the consensus on this, was it a slow mem card messing with the timing ? Thanks, gyp
  22. I have a broken door clasp on a Pel 1040. Shallow half, Opposite side of the hinge. Long shot but maybe someone has a broken case or mis drilled case. Apparently the pins cannot be pulled and clasp or body part must be sacraficed, ha. The clasp on a broken case can be snipped off the body part and kept whole. Let me know if you have one and I can Paypal you for it and shipping. Thanks, gyp
  23. gypsy

    The Ideal Case

    With the Mossy Oak Pelican 1040 being discontinued, I guess dipping the 1040 is still an option. But what would the ideal case size be if someone were to cast their own mold ? My thought was the same as the 1040 size, but 4" accross inside measurement instead of the current 3.87", thus no dremelling for the P41, and the P32 should fit too with little dremelling. What about other cameras like the W series, do these already fit properly in the 1040 ? Any thoughts on the ideal case size ? gyp
  24. I got the word from my Pel case supplier up here in AB Canada that the camo 1040 is discontinued. They checked Pelican wharehouse in the US and 50 cases are left. I asked them to get me 12 of those. Anyone else hear of this ? Hope it aint so. I wonder if that just means the next camo will be a different pattern than Mossy oak ? gyp
  25. gypsy

    Pel 1040 Camo

    Hmm too bad if it's so. So what other case is closest to the 1040 ? Wally case is deep, Otter is a bit shallower. Could try a 1020 case I guess. gyp