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    Sony w90

    Does anyone know if I can use 18650 batteries as external power for a w90/80 build? The camera does come on but I get a message after about 3 seconds with sony battery out . I am assuming I can use 18650's external power as long as I use the sony battery (original inside. Also guessing it is because the sony battery has 3 contacts and the 18650 only has pos and neg. Any info helpful ..Been a while since I did any building....
  2. irbowhntr

    Sony S600 Error Format Error?

    Did you get your cam back up? I have doing the same thing and I have formatted 6 different cards but error keeps showing up after card inserted. seems to be only problem is reading the card
  3. irbowhntr

    Lazy Bear

    very cool...good chance he is a boar eh .....
  4. would that be combined shipping for 2 of them
  5. irbowhntr

    It's Back.

    What a great surprize and great pics
  6. irbowhntr

    Heard From One Of Our Friends Today

    thaughts and prayers from my family to thiers
  7. irbowhntr

    Talked To One Of Our Members On Phone

    I have been reading more than posting lately ... Finally made day shift at work this year and looks like I should hold it next year also.... I have mainly been trying to fix cams that I have ..but I have lots of cams boards and cases that I need to put in use.. Everything else has been good this way. It is nice to see the names of some that have been around a lot longer than me.. Hope everyone is good RON
  8. irbowhntr

    Same Buck?

    looks pretty close to being the same....from the little bit you can see..very nice for sure
  9. irbowhntr


    anyone know what might cause a turn power off then on again message on a p41. it happens when I turn cam on with power button or jumping hack wires or in build when it supposed to take picture. I have had it apart several times but can not find anything... was wondering if anyone else had this on a p41?
  10. Got it 2 days ago thanks.. as if I didnt have enough to do allready now I can build another cam... think i still have 3 ssii and 3 boards from mark at yeti that have been here for a while.. oh well it is an adddiction....
  11. Just sent an e-mail I will take one and everything I need for an S600 fast hack how much would that be let me know sent my phone number if you want to call Thanks Ron
  12. irbowhntr

    Dgx 125

    Hey Ron do you have a wiring diagram for this cam set-up? I got a new connector on for the lens however when I tested it the array would come on the cam would come on But it would not record anything. I would like to jump some wires to make sure no wires are loose inside without having to open camera up. If I can get the wires right and just jump them it would be much better.
  13. irbowhntr

    Dgx 125

    and here is last one .. the wire comes out of bundle from the 18650 batteries. all the other wires are attached. The cam comes on but does not record. looks like the wires in the connectors are different on each end some help with which wires are which might help me figure this out Iwill send a pm to let you know these are here... Thanks
  14. irbowhntr

    Dgx 125

    here is the loose wire I found I have no idea where it goes A little help would be appreciated
  15. irbowhntr

    Dgx 125

    and one more
  16. irbowhntr

    Dgx 125

    here are the pics if I can upload them
  17. irbowhntr

    Been A Crazy Year

    nice find there they look good
  18. irbowhntr

    Revised Dxg 125 Bow Cam

    HunterTom...Do you have a parts list for this project? Where would one purchase these items ? and how thick is the plexi you used ? Thanks for the help.... I have a 125 bowcam also and like this deal way better
  19. irbowhntr

    Tower Blind Material

    talked to bro in laws friend from WI just in time plant will be down for maintenance soon and felt available...just have to get it back to GA
  20. irbowhntr

    Been A Crazy Year

    That because the " experts are always trying to sell everyone on global warming.. O r climate change .....well the climate changes every day it is always different day to day and season to season.... bucks keep their antlers here in GA til early -mid March on a yearly basis
  21. irbowhntr

    Tower Blind Material

    So I was searching thru here looking for this kind of info...Anyone In GA work at a paper mill where you can aquire this material? I live in the Sharpsburg Newnan area.. 9toes let's see if I can remember this well enough, I used to work at P&G on the converting side of paper but interfaced a little with the paper side. The felt does cost a really lot of money and it is HUGE in a paper machine (at least it was there), once it begins to get old and starts to tear and "can't" be repaired it is cheaper for them to shut down and replace it. Shut down in a paper mill can run into a LOT of money so they don't want to if possible. They have no use for it that I remember after they change it so it goes to a land fill or whatever as far as I know. If you wanted to talk to someone about getting some of it call the company and ask to speak with the Public Relations contact. They should be able to put you in contact with who his the rights to sell/give some of this away. Probably the best bet for getting some is like 9toes was saying, find a person that you know that works there to see if they can get it for you.
  22. irbowhntr

    Bow Cams

    Anyone try one of these as bow cam yet. My dxg 125 just doesnt show much at 20 -40 yards when shooting was wondering if this had better zoom or picture in general compared to a 125 All iON Cameras iON Air Pro™ Lite Wi-Fi Views FEATURES SPECIFICATIONS INCLUDED iON Air Pro™ Lite Wi-Fi Price: $199.99 Add to Basket
  23. I have 3 builds with extra flash that the control boards that do not work... Have to figure out if the boards are bad or the flash es are bad.... And going thru all cams to make sure everything is good.... Getting a dog too gonna try to do some blood track training and shed training
  24. irbowhntr

    Ss2 Won't Come Out Of Walk Test

    Will do appreciate it ... Let ya know when I get them out
  25. irbowhntr

    Ss2 Won't Come Out Of Walk Test

    Ever figure out the deal with this board ? I have 2 acting the same way SS board new battery 9volts on meter and just continues to flash....One time yesterday it did go to nml mode then just continued to take pics every 2 minutes.. Both are p32 set ups just noticed this was ss2 I have ss1 issue and I had 3 different new batteries in it hoping it will be easy fix Ican do