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      Thanks to all who contributed, we collected just under $500.00. I sent a check Monday (8-7-2017) to his wife for $500.00 along with a card expressing Forums condolences. 


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    Hanging out at Hag's House, Hunting, Fishing, Golfing, Camping, Vegetable Gardening, Cooking.. whether it's baking or grilling I love to do it. Friendship is high on my list of priorities as well as my belief in God. May God richly Bless you each day! <br /><br />I would put my birthday down in here but the calendar wouldn't go back but to 1910 :)~~
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  1. Chris was a tremendous help to almost everyone here on hags. I never got the pleasure and honor to meet him but knew his character was one of the best that I was privileged to know thru the forum. I can't find the words to say what a loss his passing will be. My prayers go out to his wife and the entire family. I know he loved his wife, I think we had talked about it a couple of times. A friend that I will always remember.
  2. I missed this during by not visiting. Jag takes us way back with being member #10. Sorry I missed you jag! Happy New Year coming up next guys and gals, miss all the old crew. bat
  3. Hope the site is fixed been missing you guys. I was finally able to get to the forum but couldn't add to a existing topic get a new topic started. Nor could I message or email from a few profiles I tried. I wish I had phone number to maybe be able to communicate what we were seeing may help I don't know. Anyway hope you guys have it figured out. Happy thankgiving, bat
  4. Man I'm glad I didn't see him..... that's a whooper! Good job!
  5. Great job Befus, I like to see us older guys get a good one. Great sport we have and it provides some fine eating in the process. Nice job!
  6. I have to say I was fortunate to hunt this spot for a number of years for almost free. I did help with some of the land keeping it mowed where they worked on their equipment for all those years and allow them to use one of my drives and a little of my land to work their fields. I finished (well almost) a project today and got it put in a part of a food plot area that I have been doing all those year today. It will not produce as well their but maybe just maybe I can still get in a little hunting. I took as old flatbed two wheeled trailer I had and the used materials out of the bat cave and came up with just a frame of a stand and covered that baby up with camo cloth. It looks pretty good and fairly balanced on the flatbed so I can manage it. The bad news is I had to put it nearly on top of where the bigboys used to come out of in a much weaker spot. 4 x 6 frame so their is good room, but had to give up the bath room lol. It will be a miracle if I see a decent deer there but who knows. Very dry here and still hot enough to keep them moving at night, not looking good. Limited hunting this year but Im still trying. Good luck guys and thanks for the comment. Have a great season just enjoying the out of doors. bat
  7. Thanks guys for the concern. It's ok tinhorn I'm going to run me a long drop cord down there to my old golf cart and just set in it, watch TV and drink coffee lol. Last year the timber cutters came in on the right and cut right during the rut and when they left I still managed a very good nine pointer. Not bad for Ole bat. I ain't giving up.
  8. I built the old tower (batcave) back in 2004 I think. Remodeled it with new steps in 2011 and did a lower platform change of lumber in 2014 to better wood. The land owner told me two weeks ago he was going to be putting in a new pivot on the ajoining field where I had it placed and clearcut the branch where I hunt between two fields. Best crossing I hunted allways see a big buck there for the last for the last probably 5-8 years. You have to be very quick to get a shot though the crossing was only 30 feet across between the big woods and that branch. I had to get a ladder stand down the tower would be in the lane of the sprayer so it would have to come down. He said he wouldn't be doing the work till after the field was cleared of the cotton crop next to me so it would be after hunting season....ha. The next day the large backhoe showed up and another hunting season down the drain.... he cleared the main part of the branch and left last monday so I went to the tower and hooked a chain to the main steps where I knew it would bring it all down. In about an hour and a half I had it cleaned up. Its tough to lose your favorite hunting place right before the hunting comes it but that life when it is free hunting. He did tell me I could hunt two more fields also but who wants to hunt in a field. Enough of the bad stuff hope you all have a wonderful time hunting this year and stay safe. How this Tinhorn that ole stand is history!
  9. Hi tin, sorry I must have missed the first email but I the one today. Thank you for checking on me. It's been a tough year but we are doing better. Running on about 6 cylinders instead of 8. Still going to "try" for one more big boy Lord willing. Sorry about not checking in lately.
  10. nice video there, thanks
  11. Just read this sorry to hear about your mom. A stroke is a bad thing to get thru even a mild one. Prayers go out to you and the family. May God bless.
  12. Enjoying the out of doors with dad, always a pleasure. Both enjoying it fishing good video, thanks for sharing it. bat
  13. That's great I think. I was practicing last year with my 700 shooting 130 grams in a 270 it is amazing how good this one shoots. I've never tried longer that about 300 on this one but it holds good. If I can get better this year healthwise I want to try it at a longer distance. Thanks for posting your results.
  14. You guys are the greatest as picking up a person's spirits. I am doing better at most everything each week. The rehab did me a lot of good as far as physical but the speech and steadyness still gives me a fit. I have it inside but it is the devil to express yourself in words. Sound like I have been on a drunk sometime lol. Still don't drive for a long way but it coming back soon. Got to have that the wife bless her heart trys but it tough. Keep praying, I am getting there. Talk to you later my fingers and keys dont work together to well lol.