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    Coon duke-out

    Very nice sequence!
  2. BowhunterNJ

    p52 sss finished

    That's quite cool, unique and neat looking setup. Was wondering how you "hang" it. Hehe, lets see some pics. P52s used alot?
  3. BowhunterNJ

    fox pics on deer kill

    Those are some awesome pics! :cool: What's your cam setup? How did you hide it? Obviously IR helps, but I'd imagine they can still spot it, no?
  4. BowhunterNJ

    The hunt is on...

    Very cool pics! That one of the left definitely looks like he's gonna be huge next year! :cool:
  5. BowhunterNJ

    Cam Pics: Yotes, Foxes, Coon

    Thanks guys. No slave flash, just standard P41 with flash enhancer!
  6. Well, I set up that cam on the kill site I found, here are a few pics from the set. Majority of the kill is right under the cam and out of sight. My only options for hanging the set were to leave it there and hang the cam 2 feet from the kill, or drag the kill away into a more open area. I chose the prior, and well...you'll see the results below! Coyote, spotted the cam and turned inside out...caught him mid turn around/haul ass mode. Cam was set on a 1.2 second delay, I set it down to 1 second, see if that 2/10ths helps out. I did brush up the cam, but its so close to the kill, they'll spot that 1060 like its flashing neon lights. Yotes have some awesome eyes. Can't believe he came in during broad daylight! Another/same yote at night, cruising by...again 1 second, might have had a good shot of him here centered rather than brush covered. Couple coons came in to check things out, only posting one of them, closest one but good head shot. A gray (?) fox decided to visit a few times...he wanted to come in, no really he did! I figure once they get hungry enough, they'll come in to try to drag the carcass away some...still waiting!
  7. BowhunterNJ

    picture storage

    I use smugmug, its not bad, nice little layout. http://www.smugmug.com If you sign up with them let me know, they offer affiliate bonus and discounts for both me and you I believe. Here is a breakdown of their offerings:
  8. Here are a few trailcam pics from the last two weeks, as well as a couple manual shots. Most fox pictures I've ever had...they were very active in this area over the last two weeks, probably due to what I found today (picture below). Some bucks still carrying on the private piece, that wide 7 pointer made it which is good news and there is another high rack right behind him, looked like they were trailing the doe. Here is that wide 7, hopefully next year he'll tack on some tine length! That high rack behind him, darn tree. I moved the cam today, hopefully I'll get clearer shots now...of course they won't have their horns by the time I do! Another shot of a higher racked buck, might be the same one. Ton of fox pics, here are a few... Here is what I found today, prob why the foxes are running around so much. Probably a coyote kill, but I haven't had one yote on the cam this winter. Found it about 80 yards from my stand and where the cam is located. Also found this guy hanging around on the private piece, black snake? Came across this while scouting and shed hunting, nothing big but cool to find, made all that leg work worthwhile!
  9. Where was she in November?!?!
  10. BowhunterNJ

    Saskatchewan Coyotes

    Awesome pics and great bait idea! I found a semi recent kill around one of my sites, gonna set up a cam on it tomorrow, see if I can get some yote pics. I haven't gotten any all year!
  11. BowhunterNJ

    Whats this

    dmach, you have any other pictures of the area you can post, night shots? Something to compare against...might be something else in the area and this is a waterspot or a bug. My first inclination was what someone else mentioned, a flashlight.
  12. BowhunterNJ


    Man those are some dumbo ears right there! Great pics, nice and clear!
  13. BowhunterNJ

    My biggest Buck on Cam

    Man, I remember this pic and how you were hoping to see him sometime again. Big downer! Yeah I question about showing cam pics around in NJ, guys will come to where you hunt, follow you around, etc. I enjoy sharing them, but I understand the concern you can have when you do. I would say if they are hunting the same area, and it is small, yeah best off keeping them to yourself. I hunt public lands and they are somewhat big (14,000 acres or so), so unless someone wants to track me down it the woods, they have some property to cover. Best of luck next year, hopefully he passed on his genetics or his daddy is running around there!
  14. BowhunterNJ

    More Jan and Feb Pics

    Yeah I tried to angle the cam over a bit more to the left to get the bucks before they hit that darn tree! I also didn't see any buttons, looks like a doe...but either what the hell is it doing? Looks like it's trying to mount the other one, the way bucks put their nose on the doe's back. Both young ones, young and dumb!
  15. All the buck pics are from a small private piece I've been hunting this year. I posted earlier this year on some good ones I got there back in September and October, then a few kids came in walking around and the bucks blew out. Looks like a few of them made it through gun season, which is great news. Hoping to pattern down on these bucks for next early season! ;) I did scout out that piece today and pulled my stand, but no sheds anywhere. Quite a bit of print and some great rubs (should have taken pics of them, next time I'm there I will). The foxes and doe pics are from the public piece where I get most of my pics. Anyway, on to the pics... I was sick this weekend, laid up in bed...heh figures, first buck in daylight there in over a month. Another buck, decent shot of him but somewhat distant, they keep using that trail back there, which I have a shot to from my stand, but not the best for the cam: This might be the nine I was chasing back in October... This definitely looks like that nine I was chasing down, he showed up back on December 12th one night and haven't seen him since. One right behind him? The Unicorn buck and a small spike: Another shot of a spike: Can't tell much here, but short snout, sweeping beam...he might be that uber wide 7 I had seen back in September and October: Another hard to tell: Spike with another buck that shed:
  16. BowhunterNJ


    Sweet set of yote pics! Yeah second one looks like a pup, first year yote. The pics are super clear, what's your setup?
  17. BowhunterNJ

    Tiger Stripe spike

    Weird, he looks super skinny...really worn down, yet his face looks fine/healthy. How hard could he have rutted? With those massive antlers I might have seen him run all the way over to NJ looking for tail he never did get!
  18. BowhunterNJ

    1st thieves, high water, bears

    LOL good pictures, man that snot messed up those pics of the nicest buck in the set! I like the close ups, they are real cool! :cool:
  19. BowhunterNJ


    Very cool pic, I love yote pics. I haven't gotten one all winter yet!
  20. BowhunterNJ

    More Jan and Feb Pics

    Closeup of a spike: Ummm, what the heck was this little guy thinking? LOL Prob my fav of the set...pretty unique Never seen this guy before: Nice doe pic, liked how the sun shined off the eyes, brought the brownish/reddish out: They're on the lookout! Cool fox pic: Another: Pair of foxes on the prowl:
  21. BowhunterNJ

    Hot off the presses

    Ahhh cool. I have an interesting experiment to try in my neck of the woods...
  22. BowhunterNJ

    Hot off the presses

    What's with the corn inside the wire fence? Is that like a tease to bring them in but they can't get to it?
  23. BowhunterNJ

    Some January Pics

    Here are a few trailcam photos from this January. Nothing amazing, just a few cool ones. Buck already shed, probably one of the spikes I've been seeing: Buck still carrying a few days after the shed pic: My favorite pic of the set, doe looks like she's thiking "OMG he found me!!!" Almost February and the bucks are still checkin out the does... Another shot of the buck, looks like a 5x5 with a 6th point starting to form on his left antler. Looks a little nontypical with that left antler, his G2 looks to kick outward, can hardly see it there. Posted the original photo size so you can see better. Another view: Doe pic that caught my eye...possible injury to the shoulder or just a grooming mark? Also a shed I found yesterday, looks to be last years with how crusty it is.
  24. BowhunterNJ

    Cayote or Fox?

    Foxy, without a doubt me thinks. Snout gives it away...