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  1. jjj

    10 point today...

    come on you guys this is a family website no need to bring in the wives in this argument
  2. jjj

    11 pt back again...

    nice deer.. i bet you dont get him tho
  3. jjj

    Cactus Buck

    cactus buck??
  4. jjj

    Desert guzzler

    neat bat! :cool: :drinks:
  5. jjj

    Some Big Boys on a Slave setup

    very nice deer.. cool nontypical
  6. jjj

    He is back

    wow niiiiiice deer.. velvet pic looks very nice too :cool:
  7. jjj

    Deer Pics

    nice close up
  8. jjj

    D-380 pic

    do you find the flash scares the deer at all? or do they just keep on going on
  9. jjj

    Is this a buck or a doe?

    id say doe the stuff above its head is just grasses
  10. did you shoot that at night? lol because it looks like you were out a little past shooting hours
  11. jjj

    Fall Colors

    that bucks small?
  12. jjj

    2 Moose pics

    WOW that second one is giant..... nice pic :cool:
  13. jjj


    thanxs... i live in ontario, CANADA WOOHOOOO
  14. maybe its a doe in disguise so u dont try and bring her down?