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A year ago I bought a DHC-200 game camera from JJCommunications.


I had problems from day one with it as the instructions were very poor and the software was for windows 95. Since I am useing Win ME, none of the screens could be found.


I wrote customer service and asked what to do to get it to work.

They wrote back & said they were working on it and new instructions would be send to me soon.


3 months later, nothing happened & I bugged them again. This time I was told they were comeing out with a new camera, and if I wait some more, they will let me know when it is out & have me send mine back for replacement.


2 months later I bugged them some more, and was told to send my camera back as they now had the new ones.


2 months more past & I again bugged them for a camera. This time I got no response at all. They quit answering my email.


I got just a little ticked :blowup: and wrote the Better Business Bureau there and filed a complaint.


A month later I got a phone call saying the Rep. I talked to "no longer works there" and they were sorry no one else "picked up" on my problem. They were sending me a new camera.


A month later I DID get a camera back!!!

But now the software is for win 2000 & win XP. Again I can not bring up the screens to set up the camera or tell me how to run the darn thing!!!


Does anyone else have one of these cameras??


Can you tell me how to set it up & run it with Win ME ????

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MR Ree,


Sounds like you have been getting the royal run around. On the problem of your OS, I would recommend getting rid of ME and upgrade to XP Home. ME stinks :whip: THat is my advice to you. With XP you can also make things backwards compatable.


Good Luck!



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