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Favor por favor ?

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For those of you posting pictures... could you please resize them to something less than a 8x10?


purty please :pray:


Some of the pics posted are an absolute killer on my laptop with only a 14" screen. I have to scroll wayyyyyy to the right and wayyyyy down just to see the whole picture. Some of them I have even had to scroll to see on my 20" desktop screen....ugh thems big pics lol


If you are unsure how to do it, it's usually quite easy. All image editing programs can be abit different but are mostly very similar. When you have the picture opened in your program...up top you should see a menu bar. Ya know, up top where it says File, Edit, View etc etc. Under one of the menu bar headings(very often theres one called 'Image') usually there is a submenu called 'image size' or something very similar. Click on that and you should see how to resize your image.


Most often it will open up another window which shows the current size and resolution. Sometimes there is a drop down box where you can select to change the image size in pixels, inches, centimeters etc. Just choose inches and make it something less than 8x10.


By default most programs are set to constrain proportions. You should see a check box to turn this off and on. What this does is locks the ratio of the width to height so that you don't get any distortion when you change image size. Often you only have to change one dimension and the other will automatically change for you. If you see a place to change resolution set it to between 72 and 100 for uploading to the internet or emailing.


Save them as a jpeg or jpg file. Under the File menu there are sometimes two options.... 'Save' and 'Save as'. Often the 'Save' option will only allow you to save the image in your programs own proprietary file format. That means you can only view your saved image with the same program you used to save it. Choosing the 'Save as' option should allow you to choose to save as a jpeg file type.


This all does several things...first it makes the file size smaller which is beneficial to all. It takes much less time for you to upload/send it and it takes much less time for other peoples web browser/email to download it. The smaller files also take up less storage space on your computer and more imprtantly less space on the server you are uploading them to. And for the reason that prompted this post hehe....it makes the pictures fit on my screen without scrolling. People can open up a thread where you are showing off all your latest game pics and see all of a picture at once cuz the whole thing fits on the screen.


If you don't see the options I described...post what program you are using and maybe someone is familiar with it and can help


thanks :cheers:


p.s. this is mainly only for pictures you will use on the internet. If you are archiving pictures for later use, you probably want to save them in higher quality and a different file format.

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It would be a good idea to make a copy of your pictures first, then resize the copy.


That way you still have the original to keep....I have a separate folder for posted pictures........... :twocents:.......actual value may differ....212

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Thanks knobby,


Good post and very detailed.

I've been resizing pics. here when I see ones that are too big.

I'm sure I missed a couple, so if someone sees a big one let me know and I'll resize it.

I appreciate any help with keeping the images small, it uses less space on the server and is easier to view and upload by all.

If your storing your pics. full size on your compters, you'll want to learn how to resize......it's using a lot of disc space in a full size version, especially at high resolution.

One last note....it's a good practice to turn down the resolution also for upload pics. The pics. will still look good at lower res. and are 1/2 to 1/4 the size in Kbytes, so the images will open faster and the dial up guys can enjoy the pics. too.

Just to give you an idea, when I resize anyones pics. here I turn the res. down to 65% and the new pic. I add looks the same as the original, just smaller.....at least I can't see a differemce on my computer.


I edit almost all my pics. to an upload version (600 by 600 pixel max. with low res.) and do a "save as" for these upload pics. only.


I also edit my good pics. to a print quality version (900 by 900 pixel usually with high res.) and do a "save as" for these print only pics.


The transfer of pics. from your storage medium usually give the pics. an arbuitrary name....it's best to name the pic so you know what it is after the editting...so using the "save as" feature of the editting software is the best way to catalog your editted pics.



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Amen knobby! :-)


Bein' out in the quiet backwaters of the internet with a cheap small screen computer and a slooow dial up account, I have to turn pics off most of the time to make the 'net tolerable.






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up until now people have been using 2mp cameras...some people using 1024x768 and some using 1600x1200


unedited, those pics are larger than will fit on my 20" screen set at a resolution of 1024x768


now people are getting into some 3mp cameras and it only get worse lol

whats the largest resolution you can set those Sony cameras at?

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If you are using Internet Explorer to view the pics...there is an option to automatically resize the image to fit your screen.


Here is a pic of the setting under IE >> TOOLS >> INTERNET OPTIONS >> ADVANCED Tab


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