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More Jan and Feb Pics

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All the buck pics are from a small private piece I've been hunting this year. I posted earlier this year on some good ones I got there back in September and October, then a few kids came in walking around and the bucks blew out. Looks like a few of them made it through gun season, which is great news. Hoping to pattern down on these bucks for next early season! ;)


I did scout out that piece today and pulled my stand, but no sheds anywhere. Quite a bit of print and some great rubs (should have taken pics of them, next time I'm there I will).


The foxes and doe pics are from the public piece where I get most of my pics.


Anyway, on to the pics...


I was sick this weekend, laid up in bed...heh figures, first buck in daylight there in over a month.



Another buck, decent shot of him but somewhat distant, they keep using that trail back there, which I have a shot to from my stand, but not the best for the cam:



This might be the nine I was chasing back in October...



This definitely looks like that nine I was chasing down, he showed up back on December 12th one night and haven't seen him since.



One right behind him?



The Unicorn buck and a small spike:



Another shot of a spike:



Can't tell much here, but short snout, sweeping beam...he might be that uber wide 7 I had seen back in September and October:



Another hard to tell:



Spike with another buck that shed:


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Closeup of a spike:



Ummm, what the heck was this little guy thinking? LOL

Prob my fav of the set...pretty unique



Never seen this guy before:



Nice doe pic, liked how the sun shined off the eyes, brought the brownish/reddish out:



They're on the lookout!




Cool fox pic:






Pair of foxes on the prowl:


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:kewlpics: Very nice and clear pics :cool:

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wow, those are some great pics

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Neat pics, I like the deer thats being followed, and that lost its brakes, and is that not a doe, I don't see any buttons. :blink:

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Yeah I tried to angle the cam over a bit more to the left to get the bucks before they hit that darn tree!


I also didn't see any buttons, looks like a doe...but either what the hell is it doing? Looks like it's trying to mount the other one, the way bucks put their nose on the doe's back. Both young ones, young and dumb! :P

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