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D380 template

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Attention Update below: I replied and added an attachement where there is no need to change any printer settings. Rvised March 2, 04


If you bought a D380 and need a template then you can use the

Camedia software that came with it and my picture to get the right size template.


Save the picture in your Documents and open your Camedia software.


Open the saved picture and print it.


Change the printing settings to inches and keep the aspect ratio.


Change the dimensions to 5.24 X 3.93 and your good to go.


Double check the printed picture against your camera's locations of the shutter and flash.


Everything should be within 1/64 inch.


Cut the foam a little smaller then the picture since the camera will be snug.




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I tried your templet and it seems to work with the D-370 also. I just printed a copy and I will check it against the D-370. So far it looks close to the cam.

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Guest elkaholic


since you are getting all these templates scanned, just wondering if you could scan me a nice 10 pointer for an archery target........ :P

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I changed the format of the D380 Template so anyone can open the attached file and print it in color.


There is no need to use the Camedia software with certain settings. There is also no need to enlarge or decrease the printer settings if you don't have the Camedia Software.


Just open the attached file below and print it in color to have the little red dot appear in the centre of the shutter hole.


Double check the ruler that indicates 5 inches with a small tape and verify the measurement from the centre of the shutter to the flash centre against your real camera.




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