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Primos Deer call

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This past week the RUT was on in TN. I spotted a Large buck heading away from me at 75 yards. I pulled up my scope but could not get a shot, and looked like I was not going to. I had a Primos Great big can Estrus Bleat call in my pack so with nothing else to loose I thought I would give it a try. To my amazement the 9 point 4 year old deer turned and came to 15 yards of my stand. He is in the freezer now. To go further I tried this with 3 more deer this week. Had a 3 point come 100 yards to my stand and a 6 point come 80 yards to my stand also. I let these walk. One other aprox a 6 or 8 point would not fall for it from the same distance. Folks there are a lot of gimmics on the market but this is not one of them! I worked 75% of the time and these were all deer that were headed another direction that I had no chance at :rolleyes: . It made a beliver out of me and I now have my first wall hanger.

I have been hunting for many years and this is the first time I have seen with my own eyes something that works this well! It states on the can works during the rut. VERY TRUE STATEMENT! :)

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