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I can never find this when I look through my computer, so I think I'll put it here where I know where it is lol. Hope this helps others too.


The Sony camera settings should be set like this, for the fastest and best performance:


Power save switch set to off.


On the dial next to the power save, set it to the green picture of a camera, then turn camera on and press the menu button under the viewfinder. The first option will be “EV”…set it to “0EV” using the top and bottom buttons on the 4-way selector. Note… if the screen is black, push the display LCD button.


Now press the right button on the 4-way, and set the focus to infinity...the top choice.


Press right button again and choose “Auto” white balance.


Press the right button and choose “ISO 400” for the greatest flash range, or auto for the prettiest pictures.


Press the right button to choose the image size. The biggest one will give the most detail when zooming in, but also uses more memory space per picture. I’ll let you decide this one.


Press the right button and choose “Standard” picture quality. I see no difference in the pictures, but the card will hold more pictures that way.


Press the right button and choose “Normal” record mode.


Press the right button and choose “High” flash level.


Press the right button and choose “ Off” picture effect.


Press the right button and choose the sharpness you want, I use ”+2”.


Once all these are set press the left button until it returns to EV, and then press the menu button to exit.





Now rotate the selector switch to “SET UP”


Press the right button, then use the top and bottom buttons to set the options, and the left button to return. You can use any moving image you want for the movie settings, you will have to play with them and decide. To keep the setting you choose, press the center of the 4-way switch.


Set the date and time to “day and time” to have them show on the pictures. They will still be in the image properties either way, so you can still see it even if they do not show on the actual pictures.


Turn “Red Eye Reduction” OFF.


Turn “AF Illuminator” OFF.


Scroll down one more and you can “Format” your memory card, which will clear all pictures at once.


Set the clock if it needs it.


Scroll down once more and set the “Beep” to off to keep it quiet.


Return the rotary switch to the green camera. Now the flash needs to be set to “Auto” The flash setting is the top button on the 4 way, it has a lightning bolt above it. Press the top button and you will see the options in the form of a lightning bolt on the screen, at the top left corner. You will see the bolt lit up…that is “Forced Flash”, you will see it in a circle with a line across it, that is “Flash Off”, you will see it disappear, that is “Auto Flash”…that is what you want to use all the time.


OK then…the last thing before you turn the camera off is to press the “Display LCD” button to turn it off, which will save a lot on batteries.


The card I included is a 64mb card; this is what I recommend for the best balance between speed and number of pictures it will hold.

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