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Homebrew Commercial Food Plot recipes

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I used Antler King this year and had great results. I do not know if it will come back next year or not. I talked with the owner Todd Sittleburg and he does all his tesing in Norther WI, Villas County. I am in Rhinelaner and the soil is sand. I limed real well and planted this spring. Had great results. I planted Honey Hole (turnips & rape), and the clover mix. The deer did not touch the Honey hole until late in the season. They ate the whole acre during the week while I was working. Then when the snow fell, they dug up the turnips, which were the size of softballs or bigger. I bought more to plant this year, but I will also buy some co-op to try out. If you go on Antlerking.com ? I think that is it; you can e-mail or call Todd and he is real helpfull. After exchanging a few e-mails his wife actually gave me his cell phone # cause he was up testing and working on the food plots.


All I know is I had great succes with that in Northern WI. I tried the co-op stuff in 2003 with about a D- rusult. However, I did not put lime down or have a soil test done. Lime does wonders. I did it with 50# bags through a spreader. Lots of work. If you have access to a quarry near you you can get a load (1 ton) for around $12.00 hear an drive around and have a buddy in the back with a leave blower blowing it out of the truck. I dropped 1,200 lbs this year at $2.50/50# bag spreading 25# at a time. Lots of work and $$$. Next year I will try the quarry method. Just get there early in the year. I tried to buy in mid June, and the farmers had already taken it all. We had low PH, so when I got done the ground looked like it had snowed. From everything I have read and experienced myself, lime is MORE IMPORTANT then fertilizer.


Hope this helps, long winded. Sorry!!! if anyone has questions, please e-mail me or post it here. Have a good one, Chris

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Hello Guys, its almost that time of the year, I was thinking of doing the power plant mix, sorgum, peas, beans & sunflowers, and maybe a dwarf corn, does anyone have any experience with this, or any ideas of types of what I want to plant, and a % of all the above to mix.



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Yes it is the kitchen sink combo in this manual. I would go easy on the sunflower seeds they really go a long way.


Foodplot Manual


Make sure you use the right varieties.


Tyrone soybean

Rongai LabLab

Iron and Clay cowpeas

peredovic sunflower

WGF sorghum


They are all designed for the job. They do not need to be inoculated. They do very well without it and the whitetail institutes are not inoculated either.

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