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Who I be??


Well Im a 32 year old soon to be 33 who resides in Magnolia MS, about 60 miles south of Jackson. Originally from South east La, so I have a coonass accent and sometimes me dare type with it. I got the name Louielizard because the first time I set up my CPU on the internet and needed a nick the first Budweiser lizard commercial was on TV and I just loved that lizard. His personallity and mine match exactly to a tee and it's stuck ever since.

I moved to Miss to be closer to the country but really do miss the spec and red fishing. I love to fish and hunt and love to be outdoors. I have a degree in computer science and learned sattelite communications from the good ole US Army. Am a desert storm vet and did top secret communications for the 1st cav. millitary intellegence<--oxymoron

I have a wife and a 14 month old little girl who is the apple of my eye.


How I got here...

I wanted a game cam since they first came out and price was always setting me back. I found an article in the LA Sportsman on Jesses page and built my first cam and been hooked ever since. Southernstyle sent me a link here and noticed a few names and well I still browse and post on both.


Where I get my paycheck....

I work for a small cellular communications company as a cellular tech.

That doesn't allow me to take vacation during Nov and Dec (deer hunting season). :angry:


I spend alot of time fishing private ponds and hunting during the colder months. Dove , rabbit, deer but I have never Turkey hunted. Mabey SS will take me someday.. hint- hint. I like to tube the river and just be the cool dad that every kid wants. I love SEC football and the Saints....need a bag over the head icon. I like ragging all Ole piss fans and making Eli Manning jokes,( Sorry Helomedic please don't take any offense)and rooting for my Tigers every Saturday.


You may see a DOA at the end of my posts but it is nothing more than my initials. Well nice to meet you all and happy hunting........... DOA

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Hello all, I stumbled onto this site through JHO. I'm 35yrs old and was born and raised in S. louisiana along the Atchafalya river. I run a crewboat to inland drilling rigs. I love to hunt deer with whatever the law allows. When they say I can't hunt deer I start chasing hogs till the next deer season. I've been married 14 yrs and have one daughter 11yrs and two sons 9 and 11 months old. I to am addicted to building cams. Thats what brought me here. :cheers:

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Who I am:

My name is Scott Cormier, 31 years old. My main interest are hunting, fly tying, fishing, hockey and 4 wheeling. Buckboy was created by myself when trying to find a User name for the forum. It sort of describes that I am crazy about huge whitetail bucks. I've been told that I hunt too much. At least that's what the ladies say. I'm crazy about hunting and fishing. I hunt with bow and gun and love to fly fish for trout and atlantic salmon on the world renouned Miramichi River. I am also an accompished fly tyer who has won many prizes worldwide. I am know more for my fly tying and catching huge brook trout more so then my hunting success. For some reason whenever I bring someone hunting they always get a chance at a huge buck. I know I would make a great outfitter!


I'm also known as Ladyboy. My father gave me that name back in 2000 when he wanted me to help him with some fence posts. It was only a month after breaking my leg playing hockey and 2 operations later with 6 screws and a plate. I said I could hardly move so he yelled out " Never Mind Ladyboy" Why the 'boy' in my names? Well I guess my buddies feel I'm still a boy. Probably because my father still calls me that and since I'm single. My boat is now called 'LadyBoy'.


I graduated in 1996 from the University of New Brunswick with a BchSC in Civil Engineering. I worked primarily on Highway Projects. Everything from testing aggregates, Surveying, Quality Assurance, Field Engineer and Construction Manager for bridge construction. Now that most of the 4-lane highways are done here and considering the seasonal work, I am having a hard time finding work that I like.



Where I get my Paycheck:


Presently I am working as a labourer in a Corrugated Box Factory for a company know as Cascade (Norampac). I worked there in the summers during my university years. I had a chance to go back in May 2002 since I was unemployed at the time. I figured the money was good and the job was stable. I'm always looking for something better but in my area good jobs are hard to come by.


How I ended up Here:


I actually began looking into making my own trailcam back when I purchased my DeerCam DC-100. I didn't have the knowledge as to making circuit boards. I decided to search the internet this past fall for Digital Deer Cams/ Trail Cams and came accross Jesse's Hunting Forums. I looked at some links to different web pages like PixControllere and FieldPix and came accross Hags Forum. Many nights reading post and asking allot of Newbie questions. I decided to buy a few boards and some cameras. Piece of cake when you have the right directions and input from all of these members.


Where I'm From:


I am from Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. This province is on the East Coast and borders the state of Maine. I lived here all my life but did spend some time in 1997 in Calgary, Alberta. Nice city but nothing like the Maritime Provinces. I love living here and many times thought about leaving to find work. That's what I did in Calgary but ended up back home. Life is really good here. The people are super friendly and there isn't the rat race like in other parts of Canada.


It's a great place to go 4-wheeling, snowmobiling, and many other outdoor activities.



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Butch Green, Fayetteville, Arkansas. Been married nearly 27 years and will be 50 next month. Have 2 kids, son 18, daughter 12. Electronics training courtisy of the US Navy where I was a Central Navigation Electronics Tech for fleet ballistic subs (missle boats). I'm a Registered Professional Engineer (P.E.) with a specialty in structural design. If you ever watch a football game involving the Razorbacks and there is a quib showing them practicing in an indoor facility, I was responsible for the structural design for the facility.


First introduced to cams elsewhere where the first was a 35mm (Not an owl) and was the second after DbWorld to hack the Olympus D370 and was involved in the timing and such with him and Brian. Started Dead Deer a couple of years ago and started supplying electronics in the form of Brain units shortly after, and have ended up developing it now into the 903 series of Brains and boards. Got to know Hags thru involvement with the X-10 project and PIR/controler development.


Left Jesse's due to disagreements and personality conflicts and was the First Leper in the colony at Hags site .


Interests include Hunting (almost anything but especially deer), cams, wildlife, and following my kids around golf courses hitting little white balls (they do it a lot better than I do).


Thought this was a new thread, so I posted again before I realized it was an old one. Errased my old post.

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I am 41 years young and live in Dowagiac, Mi. Freshly divorced last year so I have allot of time on my hands (but not as much money anymore). I have a 13 year old daughter that humors me sometimes and goes hunting with me, but she does like to turkey hunt except for the getting up early part. I live across the road from the largest deer wintering area in SW Michigan, so they are running around all over the place.

I manage the Quality Department at a precision tool shop and have worked here for almost 9 years.

As my handle implies, I am into Harleys and currently have a 2002 Softail which consumes most of my summer. I religiously visit the gym 3-5 times a week to keep fit and to keep the doctor off my ass about my blood pressure and colestrol.

I help my 2 friends run a bear hunting camp in the western U.P. of Michigan during the fall and also have a cabin/sauna/and 40 acres there. Bow hunting white tails is my favorite past time but I do gun hunt some, we have the annual deer camp up north every year for gun season but larger bucks are few and far between up in that area. My hunting rig is a Polaris Sportsman 500 that is lifted, has a big wheel kit, and clutch work done to it.

Actually I became interested in game cameras as a way to watch our bear baits to see what was actually coming into them but have learned from this site there are much other kool things to do with them!!!



Edited by harleydavidone

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Who I am:


My real name is Chris. I am currently 28. I have been married since 2000. First Child due Nov. 04. My Screen name Vol02 is derived from my 2002 Suzuki Volusia motorcycle. When I am not hunting or fishing I am riding. My wife is great I get to do all the hunting or fishing I want and she goes with her frieds to do her things. My freinds refer to her as the cool wife.


I have been fishing since I could hold a pole. And been hunting something since before I got my first gun a 22lr. for christmas when I was thirteen. In the last 5 years I have been hunting just about everything that is legal and lives in my area. Deer (Bow/Shotgun and Muzzleloader), Turkey, Duck/Goose, Pheasant/Quail, Coon, Yote, Dove. I fish for panfish and catfish most of the time. Enjoy Bass, Walleye etc. once in a while. Am always willing to try something new. Also enjoy NASCAR, Football, and playing not watching golf.


I am the one people usually call to help fix things because I am not afraid to tear apart just about anything. Getting it back together is sometimes a challange. I enjoy fixing things, building things, and just enjoying life. My wife always marvels (sometimes gets anoyed at) my ability to let things go and not let anything bother me. I am very easy-going and get along with just about anyone.


Where I get My Paycheck

I graduated from Western Illinois University in 99 as a Graphic Designer. I went to work for a local Advertising and marketing firm and was there untill Dec. 03. I left and went to work for a Manufacturing firm in their marketing department, where I still am and have recently been promoted to Advertising and Marketing Director.


How I ended up here:

I found Hags site while searching for Trail cam parts and decided to join in the forums.



Where I'm From:

I was born and rased in North Western Illinois ( except for the short stint I was made to live amongst the Cheeseheads). I Live not to far from where Interstate 80 and 74 cross in IL.



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Who I am:


Well by my name I am sure everyone can see I was not as creative and I just used my first name. I have had nicknames here and there but none have really stuck so I guess I decided to be boring with the name thing but I never really knew how involved I would be or I might have made my name more enjoyable. Then when I moved from JHP to here I just decided to keep my name so people would know who I am.


My name is Brian. I am 35 yrs old. I have been married now for 3 yrs to a wonderful wife who puts up with a tremendous amount of hunting. She says she always laughs when people tell her that their husband hunts. I think last year I made 62 days straight hunting in either the morning or evening but not always both before I missed a day. Just to give an idea. Of course no kids yet but I am working on that part. :D


I used to fish alot too but I have moved away from that and started spending all my time with hunting. Year round attention to food plots so forth..... I plan on picking up fishing again this year if I can. I do miss it.


I also like to play golf and can't wait to kick Hags and HH's butt at a friendly golf game. :D:cheers:


I have a B.S. in Electrical Engineering with a minor in micro electronics from Texas A & M University in College Station. I played professional baseball for the Chicago Whitesox in the minor leagues for about 2.5 years until I threw my arm out and had to give it up.


I program the micro controllers used by some of the boards on the site and try to help out as much as I can with electrical questions or general problems. I am always trying to build a better mouse trap so to speak much to the dismay of Hags and HH. :D


Where I get My Paycheck

I work for Cooper Tire and Rubber Co. as a Senior Electrical Project Engineer. I have worked here for 10 years now. Seems longer some times.


How I ended up here:

I ended up here when Hags decided to create his own site. I have always enjoyed working with Hags and HH so showing up here was natural. I no longer frequent JHO as it is called now. I only use Hags site to try and help out. I assume most know why so I will not go into detail about how all that came about.


Where I'm From:


I have lived in the State of Texas almost all my life but moved to Arkansas when I got married so I would be closer to town and her family. So 32 years in Texas and 3 years in Arkansas. I can't wait to get back to Texas.

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I'm from Pa..GO STEELERS!!! Abby is my cute little cats name. I'm married, 11 years, and have 2 sons. The youngest is the one that introduced me to Hags House. He's been around here for quite a while. I started out just looking at all the great pics but now I REALLY want a trail camera. You guys have lots of interesting stuff posted here. I guess it's addicting. I love photography, birdfeeding and I have a pond with four fish. I get my paycheck from my Husband!! I love this website!!!!! Lots of great people...... :cheers: Edited by Abby

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Who I be?

Well i go by BunnyRabbit but, most of you just call me "the blonde" :D

I am not sure why i picked this name. Probably the only thing i could think of.


Where i get my paycheck?

Well i work as a CNA at a nursing home in my home town. And i take all of Trophy_bear_hunters money for shopping! No, just kidding!


How did i find this?

After i met TBH i didn't have a choice. He helped me with my first camera and told me to post it on this website! I have met alot of wonderful friends on here and enjoy every minute talking with them!


Where am i from?

Southwestern Minnesota. I am not sure why because you can't shoot bear around here!

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Who am I? bob2003cat is the name that I gave to my brother-in law, when

we were hunting in Colorada, it became such a joke between all of us I

deceided to use it on the internet. My real name is Merrill, I'll be 50 yrs.

old my birthday, been married for 24 yrs. have 4 kids-2 girls-2-boys, 6

grandkids which keep us busy!!!!!


Worked in the oil patch for 12 yrs, started as a well tender, to rig hand, to

driller, to truck driver for a well service company out of Canada, had an

accident on well location, and then started looking for a safer and more

productive. reliable job. Got hired by one of the top 3 chemical companys

in the USA., been here as a chemical operator sinse 1988.


Found HH just by accident, was a member of JHO, to much of a chicken

to start building a cam, when I meet a member here,and told me what a great

site that it was, so I joined,still to d_mn chicken to start hacking, but getting

my nerve up! Hope it won't be much longer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hello everybody, my name is Avid Archer or call me Glenn. I live up here in Maine and absolutely love it here. I recently moved back to Maine after living down in Florida after retiring from the Coast Guard. I got out and became a marine salvor and then got bored with that and went to Nursing school which is what I do now. I work at Maine Medical Center in the Cardiac ICU and it keeps me working full time.

I have been married for 15 years and have a 4 yr. old boy who is infatuated with the woods and animals. We go out on the ATV and set up cameras and check new hotspots for this coming fall. I just started making these cameras and find it to be very entertaining, my son and I love to go out and see the cool pictures we get.

I ended up finding this website after building my first camera and had some problems with the customer service from another camera builder/supplier company. This site has been great, and instrumental in my success with this new hobby. Thanks to all the people that have taken the time to teach us new people, I know I appreciate it.

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Who I am


I am Terry Moore from Little Rock, Arkansas. I have been married for 14 Looooooooooong years to a pretty nice lady. I have three girls 14, 4, 2. I am a die hard bow hunter. I love being in the woods and cannot stand to be cooped up indoors- ironically, I hate the hot and love the cold weather.


Where I get my paycheck

I am at Fort Gordon, Ga (Agusta) and I am currently serving as a Cisco Instructor. I spent the last 5 years in another country called the 82d Airborne Division as a paratrooper.


Don't like music, dancing, or anything touchy-feely


My idea of a perfect day is scouting in the woods. I am currentlyl training for the Army 10 miler in DC.


How I Ended Up Here


I'm always tinkering with stuff.....use to drive my parents nuts when I took my x-mas gifts apart and had problems putting them back together.......always interested in electronics and how the dang thing worked. When I read that you could build your own trail camera on Bowsite.com, I had to check it out....joined JHP and was amazed at all the addicts who spilled their guts......joined in and found a nitch with the parts and also learned how to build a website, a sub addiction......

Created Hag's House and continue to play with the cams and video soon.....

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:D Thought it was time I did this. :rolleyes:


Who I Be: I be Headnurse. I am an R.N. and they are the 'Headnurse' on the floor at the hospital. I went to nursing school because I had always wanted to and I needed to support my 3 young kids after my 'ex' ran off with an engineer from work.


Been married 7 1/2 yrs this time to a good man I met while in nursing school that didn't mind taking on 3 more kids and a wife. We have 5 kids. 3 are mine, 2 are his. 3 dogs now.. and 1 cat--one cat is missing. Kids are: a girl 20 (mine) a boy 17 (mine) a boy 16 (his-high functioning autistic), a girl 15 (mine) and another girl 15 (his).


I love taking things apart and putting them together and finding out how they work and I love helping others to be as self sufficient as I am. I love fixing things. Basically--Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he'll eat for life. And I enjoy just helping people in general--hence the nursing degree.


What I be doin' for payouts: When we got married we thought it was important for one of us to be here to monitor and care for the zoo. I am here driving kids around and waiting on kids hand and foot. :P No income, just a leech taking a stab at my 3d camo, but dang, that's not maiking any profits.. :lol:


How I ended up here: I lurked for a while after lurking at JHO since 2002 (?) joined there after seeing an article in a paper somewhere about gamecams and built a 35mm Owl setup... got tossed after about my 5th post there-- I think-- because I didn't know there were bad words there and posted to let folks know when Kristi was sick again... my bad. I had finally finished my first digital and joined in here full force because it was soooo much fun.


Where I Be: I'm in Michigan at the base of the thumb. Lots of wetlands, marsh, lakes... we hunt in the middle of the state because the deer here are just too smart and don't come out in the day at all. They hang around my backyard at night but dang if I've ever seen them in daylight. :P




Sooo, here I am having fun. :hags:

Edited by headnurse69

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Who am I

I am Steve. I am married with 2 kids, boy 20, girl 16

I am an avid hunter since a boy, don't have much time to fish

Love to atv and snomobile.


What I do

I am a mechanic by day and do Visual basic programming and Web pages

for hobby or money :D

I love the electronics, read everything I can to understand these boards

And hope to help make one some day.


How I got here

My mom and dad of course

I found JHO then Hags.

I have tried Bg1, Pix U and Fieldpix


But I got to say :hags:


Where I am from

Proctor Vt

Not far from the ski area Killington

The deer herd management is going through some trying times

here I hope they get it taken care of.

Would like to hunt other states, archery, rifle or bow

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Hi Folks. BigDog is the screen name, Dave is the real world name. My screen name comes from how I train my dogs. I am ALWAYS the Bigest and Badest and they better bow to me. Bets way to train a hunting dog, in my oh so humble view.


I grew up in Michigan (see a lot of Michiganders in here). Joined the service right out of HS and traveled the world for 12 years. Got out in 84 while in California. Went to Cal Poly and got a degree, married a Ca. native girl and have been here since.


I get my paycheck from a german company that makes large, automated, high speed currency counters. High speed, like 20 notes per second counters. I am a field engineer for them. Work out of my house and go where I am needed. I am pretty much tired and fed up with technical work though. I am looking for something new.


I hunt, fish, dive for abalone, and many other hobbies. My main hobby though has become a habitat restoration project that I am conducting. Here in the west, our Mule deer population is really hurting. It declines a little every year. So, I am doing my part to help. You can see some of it at

My Webpage



How I got here. Well, I was one of the original members of JHO. I still use it but not as much as before. Over the years, I have witnessed members going POOF! Just recently a friend told me that many of the banned members had joined Hags. So, I stopped in to see and decided to join up.


Where I am. As I said, I am in Ca. Oakland to be precise. Yea, I know, too many people. But, I am 3 to 4 hours from anything I want to do. Ocean, forest, desert, mountains, lakes and rivers, etc., etc.. Plus, I am near an airport so that I can get to where I need to go for work.


Ok, nuff said.

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