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That IR lens looks bigger than the ones I am familiar with. What did you use for the board/lens?



I'm not sure of the question so I will try to cover what you might be asking?

The lens are all plastic lens mounted in a black plastic holder. The one the camera lens sees through I took out the plastic lens and replaced it with a glass lens. Then I drilled the holes and mounted the lens holder assemblies in the case. The Camera lens on the camera is a CCTV lens with the IR exchanger built into the lens assembly, maybe that is what you are asking about? There is another thread on here where I put them on the DXG-125 and 567.

The board is the smclark AIO board, I have a hole in the cover for the programming plug so I can change the program without taking it apart.

Radio Shack didn't have the battery holders I normally use so I used the 8 AA battery holder (12 volts) and some more magnets to hold it in place. That way I can lift the holder up to change the batteries on the bottom side. It pulls right in place and holds tight. I know it's a slow cam, but I really like the build.

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very nice build! I bet those LEDs will really light up the night.



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