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Ok All You Regular Members, Check In!

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Alive and still kicking... Boy graduated High school and is working currently for UPS, he starts Engineering school in the Spring and will attend Akron University, My Wife also graduated Collage and got her Masters degree and is now a Nurse Annestist and works for a Local Hospital here.


Myself I am still working for First Energy and spend most my time at Perry Nuke plant and Eastlake Power plant here locally. within the last year got active again in the stock market trading options and futures as well a stocks, I was pretty heavy into that back in the 90's and slowly working my way to doing it full time again. I miss it.


Summers been busy with Projects, Landscaping here at the house, Building a pole building Cabin at my buddies Hunting property, and Installing a roof, siding, windows and driveway at my brothers, who just recently retired from Ford, Plus My Dad being alone keeps things busy for us there as well.


I Lurk fairly often, but done post to much anymore, Have built a few cams here and there and stay up on things as best as possible!!!


Sure good to see allot of friendly faces!!!





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First time I've been on in a few months and I saw this post. I too just lurk a little bit from time to time. I bought a Jazz and led board (Jag's) quite some time ago and haven't even looked up the mods to put it all together :( Still work for ATT as a project manager but am burned out with the job and the bureaucracy.

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