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What This New Sub-forum Is For

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A couple of us asked hags if we could have a place to discuss and post about programming. Soooo...here it is.


A bunch of members, me included, bought some Picaxe chips. Picaxe is basically just like any pic chip, but the people offering it have pre-loaded it with their own code to make it more user friendly for beginners. Having gotten my feet wet with it, and having seen other versions of compilers and code, I have to give them credit...it is much easier for the first timer. I'm not going to push the Picaxe system, but I like it personally. Most people who have been programming for a while are going to use something other than Picaxe, and everyone is surely welcome here.


This is just an explanation of what the new sub-forum is about, so I'll just close it and pin it up. Hopefully we will have some fun here and who knows...maybe learn something too :)


If there is something you are interested in, I bet you are not the only one....just start a new topic and we will see. I should say a couple of things first though: please do not post anybodies copyrighted codes here, and don't post any you don't want others to use.


Have fun,


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