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Reduced - Misc Parts For Sale

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I have a bunch of stuff for sale, just don't have time to build anything right now. All prices include shipping in the states.


#3 New DXG, Red, sealed. will open and test if interested. $40


#7 9 Luxeon leds, reflectors, and heat sinks from group buy last year. 3 6V 750 mA drivers from Coldfusion, 40 10mm Triple chip IR leds from LightObject(coldfusion), RF transmitter/receiver, I think it came from lightobject also. $60 for all.


#10 Eight origional jazz lenses Free with another purchase.


#12 Metal first aid case Free with another purchase


#13 3 chargers from DXG cameras, 5 av cables. I'll throw them in another order or ship them seperate as long as you cover shipping.


#14 About 30 plastic 4AA holders, Free with another purchase, I'll use them as packaging if you want some. These are storage boxes, not wired holders.



SOLD----#1 - DXG kit - just about eveything you need to build a DXG. Camera hacked with 6-wire servo for IR, externals, and sound. BF LED array, BF control board w/ 2 sister boards. Otter 3250 case, kit 98, (2) 4AA holders, (2) 2AA holders, and 2 sheets of PVC board large enough to make an internal cover over the array/electronics. $175

SOLD----#2 Same as #1

SOLD----#4 Samsung A503 camera. Red, hacked for IR with a 5-wire servo and setup for externals. $50

SOLD----#5 Same as #4

SOLD----#6 Digital Peanuts (three) $20 each

SOLD----#8 Misc flashes(7) and parts $25. A couple are ones that quit on me, some of the others I used for bench testing, (FM600?) (DF500 should work) (31057 charges, won't trigger) (not sure of make) (2800 corrosion, never tested) (31657 Quit on me, looks good) (2800A not sure) Plus 3 of JOHNS SLAVE BOARDS, 1 works, 2 charge the slave but won't trigger, only 2 sensors)

SOLD----#9 Seven 3-wire servos and another I think is a lanc cord. $20

SOLD----#11 BG2(P32), It occasionally works but is not stable and will only trigger maybe 5% of the time it should. Free w/ another purchase




I think that's about it for now.



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I'll get rid of one of your samsungs let me know where to send payment if still available

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