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Slave Control

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Ron, try adding the sertxd code line listed below to the cds_chk function:



High CDS_Out 'Turn on pin to supply voltage to cds voltage divider

readadc 4 , CDS_Value ' Read light value

sertxd ("CDS Value ",#CDS_Value,13,10)


Then run your code and press F8 to open the serial communication window. Every time the cds_chk function runs it will post the value in the window...kinda like debug but without having to stop everything. This should show you whats going on after the flash and hopefully why it's changing back to daytime.


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getting back to reading current,


if the device you want to read current has a power switch, turn it OFF and clip the amp meter's leads across the power switche's 2 terminals. This effectively (and easily) puts the meter in series

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