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Home Surveillance Cameras

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I realize this is barely related to the site at all but looking for advice I can trust.

Wanting to mount one or two IR video surveillance cameras on the house.

I have seen one that has an sd card mounted in back, is motion activated and has a range of about 50 ft. It also has a remote control that you can use to turn the cam on and off and operate the current picture on your TV. That works for what I want.


I recently had a car prowl on our two rigs sitting in front of the garage when I was at home one night. Caught the A*&^!@&S in the end but I want to be better prepared if there happens to be a next time. Catching them on cam would be helpful. Knowing activity is being recorded while I'm away is valuable to me.


My question, does anyone have experience in setting up a low budget house system that would do the job.

I was impressed with the camera I saw in the store, cost was $200 for the camera only but it basically is an outdoor 12volt IR cam that records to a SD card. Problem i ran into is that I cannot find one online.


Advice, tips, thoughts appreciated.



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I just installed this one and it seems to work pretty well. It is a cheapo from China though.




4 cameras. Can be programmed to trigger on motion and/or timelapse. The DVR has enough memory that I just run timelapse all the time. I think it will hold at least a week of photos on my settings.


You can connect it to a TV to playback. I have the DVR box hidden out of site with a fake one(old VCR) in view in case they want to steal "the recorder"


I paid $245 for the 4 camera unit with DVR


Oh yeah. You can hook it up to the internet and see the images online from anywhere. I don't have internet in the garage so I haven't tried this option.

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Thanks fb, Seems like 99% of them are out of China so I won't let that scare me off. I like the DVR option.


Thanks for the good info.

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I built a web IR camera years ago that ran off a 9 volt battery that had pan and zoom options.Found some free software to start taking pics or video and was wireless.Saved to hard drive.Cost about $60.00 :)

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I have been dealing with this company for years




great service, warranty and the price is reasonable unless you are looking at the stuff on ebay.


You will want some kind of recording device cause cameras arent much good if they dont record. I dvr is optimal but you can get a pc card that the cameras plug into, those arent bad but the pc has to stay on. A descent computer should run most of them. Ive used several of those units in remote applications. Something like this




would probably do, just get as many inputs as you want cameras. The fps will be split across the number of cameras you have.


A couple of these cameras would work




of course the more ir leds the better your picture will be in tital darkness, if you are going to be watching a lighted area not so many are needed.


some cables like these




make the wiring easy, already have the ends on them, ready to hook up and dont forget enough power supplies to power all your cameras.


This can be done really cheaply but you probably wont get the life out of it you may want. PM me if I can answer any questions and GL :)

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