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Temporary Procedure For Registering

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Chris (212) has asked me to post the following, to help protect this board from spammers/viral attacks, etc.

Validation is our biggest line of defense to prevent spammers, etc. from bothering our members.


Use the following Email address for registering: hagshousehelp@att.net


1) List Your Full Name (First and Last) Our IP board requires it for better security.

2) Desired User Name. Keep in mind the username may already be used, so list a couple.

3) List a Valid Email Address. This email address will be associated with your username.

4) How did you hear about us?

5) If information provided checks out we will then Validate your membership and send a notice to the email you provided.

Congrats you will now be a member of Hags House, and be able to post and use the search feature.

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