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Dc Motor Controller Help

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I have a project I am working where I need to control a DC motor. It is a 24v gearmotor that's rated at 9 amps.


I need to be able to vary the speed and reverse the motor.


I plan to power it with just 12 volts.


I think I need a reversible PWM motor controller. Not sure what other specs I need to be looking for on it besides amperage. I have been told that I need at least a 40 amp rated controller for this size motor.


Anyone know about these? Any recommended sources for controllers?


Eventually I would like to be able to control the PWM controller with a homebrew picaxe circuit but for now would just use the potentiometer that comes on the controller to manually control the motor speed and direction.



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i think i may have some PWM controllers that I got as freebies from somewhere. let me go root around in my electronics box and see what I can find - will share with you if I find something.




update: here is what I have:


TL5001AIP : IC PWM Controller 8-DIP

UC3637N: IC SW-Mode motor controller 18 dip


i dont know much about these. i bought them for a project i was playing with a couple of years ago and never used them. i dont think they are big enough to drive the motor directly, but perhaps then can drive a mosfet which, in turn, can drive the motor. Maybe? i dont know. seems like i had a couple more, but couldnt find them tonight.



i thought I had more, but this is all i could find. not sure if they will work for what you are trying to do, but let me know and I will be glad to send you one (or both) to play with.


one day soon I am going to clean my electronics box out and toss it on here for you guys to see if you want any of it.

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