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Bfoutdoors 8 Led Arrays

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I used the last i had on the shelf so i contacted my supplier They had discontinued that particular led but have a replacement now that is very simular The same exact size and they claim that they will also be every bit as bright if not brighter. If there is interest I would do a pre order and sell them for justr a little above what I have in them. the issue with these is i have to send a western Union check to China and wait for the goods. It would take 3 to 4 weeks after I send the money for them to arrive


They did let me know that they would best be run at the higher voltage for the noise issue. the engineers are looking to see if there is a way to better address the noise. They are capable of running at 6 to 20 volts and are 850nm so they have the red glow.


The cost depending on number ordered would be between 19 and 21 dollars delivered to your door I will start with 10 to 15 for myself and need at least 100 to make the order go?

2-19-2011 UPDATE


I spoke to the engineers via email They have been testing and they feel that if the voltage is always above 6 volts the arrays will not make any noise So seeing that you will have avoltage drop due to the mofsett closing the circuit when powered on I would recommend that they be run at 9 volts or higher


I will update the list of guys who are for now interested in getting in on the order. I really do not intend on making anything but I do want to cover my expenses. Western Union gets a cut, the manufacturer digs hard with shipping but the package is pretty heavy and from China.

So first update tells me

Myself - 15

Boney - 5 to10

starlight - 5

befus - 3

bowgod - 4

jpb31 - 2

GA-BH - 4 to 5

The Phantom - 3

Fasterem - 2

smclark - 4

bbahunter -2

BlackHillsdave -2

TCscout -2

12 ringer -5



total 47 to 53


I will wait until it gets towards 100 I have to final the cost but for a 100 I belive they will cost about 17 dollars to my door Then I will need to cover the shipping and paypal fees which should be about 3 to 3.50 each maybe a little less when TWO or more are ordered.


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Three for me.

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I have updated my original post with my latest reports from the manufacturer and have added a quick list of anyone who would be interested and a pretty good guesstimet on the final cost. Let me know if you have any questions


Thanks tt

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Put me down for 2 Dave, Thanks.

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Dave – I am wondering about the "noise" issue that you have pointed out. If the engineers are recommending running the units at the higher voltage levels to avoid what I have affectionately named "the BF Buzz" – (I know it's not your fault, but it is a catchy phrase) :D – what battery configuration would you (others can feel free to chime in on this as well) plan on utilizing to get close to the top range of 20-volts.


I have several of your arrays that have no issues at all running as low as 6-volts and others that I can't get right despite every reasonable option I've tried. Recently I was working with Ryan on a build and even with a separate 9-volt powering the Kit and 15 volts produced from 10 C-cells the "BF Buzz" surfaced on the 13th night clip…..think about that unit 10 C-cells for the array, a 9-volt for the Kit, 2 AA's in the cam and 2 AA"s for reserve power – close to $30 in batteries…… :o


I guess we sort of get in our own way with our innovation, as the unit mentioned above is a GREAT unit, without the sound.


Was just wondering what you're thinking about these new arrays and how much confidence you have in the engineers….


Regardless you can put me down for 5 of them…….



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