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Lens Exchanger Fix

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Ok, I am building a dxg 125v and ran into a problem with the 123electronics 5v lens exchanger.

It was my problem, but wanted to post this to maybe prevent someone else having the same issue.


Before I put the exchanger on the board I tested it and it worked. After it was siliconed in it didn't work.

After brainstorming with Ron (egbertdavis) we came to the conclusion I had some silicone in a couple holes

that the swing arms in the exchanger had to pass by. After much scraping around the exchanger, I got enough

of the silicone off to open the exchanger. Sure enough there was silicone blocking the exchanger from moving.

There also was silicone on the swing arm that carries the IR filter I had to remove.


The pics below have circles around the holes to avoid when putting the silicone on. There is also a short vid of the exchanger

now working.






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Thanks for posting this. I did a few more videos on the installation of the exchangers on the 567v and the 125v at the camfest last weekend. I'll try to get those posted up here on Wednesday night. Also when you apply the goop, do it in a bead down the side and don't try to squeeze or force it underneath the exchanger.



I really feel bad about all the problems some of you have been having the past week. I guess I got spoiled all this while. I thought it was a pretty easy installation and that all you had to worry about as the exchanger being on there flat enought to evenly focus videos. I helped 3 different guys last week on 4 different exchangers and only got 1 back up and running. I've probably done about 30 of these now and have had issues with only one. I did get 3 bad exchangers in my earlier orders, but it's kind of become second nature for me so I forget how hard it is. Do not put goop on the bottom of the exchanger. I do, but I don't recommend that any of you do. Instead lightly apply a small dap at the corners and along the side. Kind of like tack welding. Just enough to hold it in place. Once those harden and you are able to confirm your exchanger is placed properly and evenly, then apply another layer over the tacked spots. DO NOT force any goop under the exchanger. Instead, apply your layer about 1/2 the way up the side of the exchanger so that it can run down the side. YOU DO NOT NEED MUCH, SO DO NOT OVER DO IT. A little dab will do you just fine. Get a syringe so that you can apply it finely.


If any of you feel like you are getting in a bind, just pm my your phone number and I'll be happy to do the best I can to walk you through it.

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