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My Experience With Health And Weight

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Hey, I haven't been too active on this forum, but I was cruising a bit and wanted to share my experience with my health and weight issues.


I've never been a large man, but I was never really happy with my weight. I'm soon to be 43. I'm 5'7" and for most of my adult life, I've been in the high 170s to low 180s in weight. My cholesterol has always been an issue with my doctor and my blood pressure has alway been "borderline." At around 36 years old, I was finally put on medication for both of those.


I began competitive shooting early last year and was looking for tips on improving myself physically for the matches. A lot of the forum members kept referring to eating Paleo. I decided to research it and what I found seemed to make sense. I decided to give it a try.


I started here: http://www.archevore.com/get-started/ and that lead me to read a book by Gary Taubes, titled Good Calories, Bad Calories. It is a very wordy, scientific read, but it made sense to me. After reading that, I found myself at www.marksdailyapple.com which is a forum based on the book by Mark Sisson, titled The Primal Blueprint. I'm not so much a fan of TPB, but I do like chatting with the members.


I started this on May 22, 2010 and by September, 2010, I had lost over 30lbs. I was 185 at my heaviest and I now go between 146 and 152. That's a fairly wide swing, but it's easy to manipulate by what I eat, based on what I have learned about food and its effect on the body.


I'm off my BP meds. As a result of my eating, my BP is the same now as it was on the meds. So, no meds. My cholesterol? Here are results from my last three visits:


Nov. 9, 2009 LDL 155 HDL 39 TGL 154

Nov. 9, 2010 LDL 176 HDL 66 TGL 77

Jun.17, 2011 LDL 139 HDL 95 TGL 49


I know conventional wisdom wants LDL below 120 and I'm not sure I'll ever get there, but I'm also not making that a goal. My ratios have improved and to me that's more important.


The gist of all this is fairly simple. I've cut out refined flour, grains and sugar (although it's hard to escape it all) and focused more on making meals of meat and vegetables. I try to get the majority of my calories from fat, with the bulk of the rest from protein and the smallest amount from carbs. I drink water, black coffee and red wine. I do eat 85% dark chocolate when I get the craving and fruit, my favorite being red grapes. If I fry foods, I fry them in bacon grease or coconut oil and sometimes in real butter. It's really easy to get a bunch of fat calories this way.


Exercise: I've done none. I'm not bragging, I'm just lazy. I've never enjoyed exercise and probably never will. I did start walking for an hour after work, but when I end up walking three miles per day on my job, it's hard to come home, lace up and go walking. I need to and want to continue because I want the stamina that comes along with daily movement. It's hard to check those remote cams when you're huffing and puffing. :)


I apologize for the wall of text, but I wanted to share. I'm not too interested in a debate because there's a forum just for that, but I will try to answer any questions you guys have if you think you want to give this a try.

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The first time I read this I thought it might be a solicitation, but I guess, maybe, I'm just skeptical, and you are just good with words. What you did worked for you, congratulations! We had a weight loss contest here on hagshouse, and several of the top guys lost over 20 percent of their body weight. I don't think any of us followed any plan really, just used common sense...and starved.


So what kept you committed, that's usually the hard part?

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Yeah, as I was typing it I questioned how it would be taken. It does reek of solicitation, but because what worked for me may be something someone else could benefit from, I wanted to be specific. I could have done all this without the Primal Blueprint stuff, but I do enjoy the community at the website.


Motivated? I have always been a meat eater. Mom loves to tell everyone that when I finally moved out, her grocery bill dropped by half, although there were still four people in the house to feed. For me, it's fairly easy to eat just meat and vegetables. I do occasionally miss the easy bowl of breakfast cereal or the hot biscuits or rolls from the oven, but when I saw how easily my weight dropped and how my cholesterol numbers had changed by eliminating the grains and sugars, I knew I had to keep going.


Actually, the hardest part of this is sharing it with others. I don't mind telling people, but the looks on their faces says it all. When someone notices you've lost weight, try telling them you eat 5-6 eggs with 1/2lb. of deer sausage or bacon each morning and just meat and veggies for meals.

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