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Help me not reinvent the wheel.


I'd like to periodically upload pics and video from my trailcam to a PC or to the web. That way I don't have to go pull the memory card and manually transfer pics. I have a trailcam that is close enough to get a WIFI signal, but not close enough to give it AC power. I don't have big enough batteries to run it all the time like a webcam.


I did something like this using a VCR and a transmitter years ago, and I think 212 did something similar. Times have changed and digital stuff is cheap now.


I think I've seen ideas floating around for how to do this, I'd be OK with using a PicAxe.


Anyone ever built such a thing?


Thanks for the replies !

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i know people on here have done it. i looked into doing it last year, i bought a video transmitter and had it setup to send pictures to my computer. i had a security capture program that when it sensed a change in the screen (camera taking a picture) it recorded it. It worked ok, but i couldnt get close to the range i needed with my transmitter. not sure how you would work it with wifi, i know someone will know here though. i recently broke down and bought a few buckeye cams with the pc base. i looked into some higher power transmitters for longer range, but you have to be careful with fcc stuff.


i would look into a form of capture software to record the images when the camera powers on and takes a pic. it was working pretty good for me.

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