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What Pic Resizer To Use With Windows Seven?

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Well my Dell MB DOA last weekend and it had XP on it and I was using Mircosoft Power Toys which had a simple Picture Resizer but I am not sure it will work with Windows Seven Home Premium. I like that you could right click on the image / picture and it would auto pop up asking what size and it was simple and easy to use but Like most things computer wise Windows Seven seems to have its own thing and somethings have not so easy to get to work so far.


As for my Dell Laptop it just died, was plugged in and it just went black checked the brick and it is putting out voltage but as soon as you pl;ug it in the light / led on it goes out. The battery does not make it power up either tried another AC Adapter and the same. And the cost of a new motherboard was about the cost of a new laptop and putting money into a 4 year old Dell just did not seem to be worth the $$ when other things could start failing.


So now I have a new one and it is an HP g6. Hope it lasts.


So any good simple picture resizing tool out there you can download? Still figuring out Windows Seven a little different than XP...


Any suggestions would be welcome.




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Just open up the photo/photos that you want to resize with Windows Live Photo Gallery and click the "Edit, organize, or share" button in the menu at the top left. Next click the "Edit" tab, and you'll see the "Resize" option.

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Try this LINK


Its an updated version of the image resizing power toy for XP. A few slight changes but for the most part it works exactly the same. I use it all the time with Windows 7.

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