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Archery Rangefinder

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I have a Nikon Laser 600 that I love but it doesn't have the angle compensator in it. I usually shoot from 20-30 feet off the ground and out to 40yds. My arrows shoot at about 255 ft./ sec. Do I need an angle compensator and how much difference does it make?




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I say no. Do the math. A squared plus B squared = C squared.


A = 40

B = 7 ( 21 feet off the ground)

C = ?


40 x 40 = 1600

7 x 7 = 49

1600 + 49 = 1649


Square root of 1649 = 40.6


If you are going to shoot any different at 40.6 yard than at 40 yards, get one.


I remember an ad for one of these. Showed a hunter in treestand with line of sight measurement and 'true' distance. Using the figures they showed for the difference, the archer would have to be in a stand 66 feet in the air.

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The angle compensater is a gimmick to me, add a yard and call it good if your ranging from the ground . If your ranging from your stand shoot what it calls for . It won't be any more than a couple inches off at most . Deer are going to have a pie plate kill zone a couple inches isn't going to matter

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