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Video Trail Cam, Where To Start?

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I am using a 12 volt sla and do have it hooked the way you are saying Jim, with the resistor. It was working and switching fine with my first exchanger until I knocked the ir filter out trying to focus my lens. I put the arms of the exchanger you sent into my first exchanger and that's when it started this little squeaking and not switching. I didn't change any of the wiring then. All I did when I got the new exchanger, that I bought thinking I have messed the first one up when I put the arms form yours in it, is cut the wire loose from the old exchanger and solder them together with the wire from the new one. However before even soldering them I just twisted them together and tried it before I ever gooped it to the camera. It wouldn't switch then either. I went a head and gooped it to the camera thinking my battery was dead or something. I know I should have checked and waited but I didn't and I'll have to order another exchanger because of it. Because I pulled it off the camera a minute ago to check and see if I had goop somewhere I shouldn't. Before it came off without a problem. THis time it didn't. It pulled the little cover off the motor. I had another cover form another exchanger. However, the little tab beside the wire broke off and was still on the exchanger. I tried to get it off so I could put the other cover on and ended up breaking the wires off. I am not saying I didn't have goop somewhere that would keep it from switching. With my luck, I very well may have. However, what is getting me is that it worked fine and started doing it without me changing anything. It also did it with the new exchanger before I gooped it to the camera.

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