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Fuji F600exr

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I recently was on vacation with a couple friends of ours and they had just bought a FUJI F600EXR 15x 16mp camera. IMO this is a fit in your pocket compact camera that in many ways is as good as an SLR style camera. I had a chance to use it on many occasions and found it easy to use, very compact, fast, decent flash range and has a panoramic shot that works very well and produces some interesting photos. When zooming in on a photo it holds the pixels very well for very clear pictures. It is also a 15x optical zoom. It produces some very colorful photos and just not colorful but true color. It has its own rechargeable battery and it seemed to require charging a lot. It would make it through a day easily but had a hard time 2 days in a row. Being a Sony camera freak I found this camera to top Sony in many ways. I see Costco has them for around $250.00 after their rebate. Again JMO, but I see people asking from time to time about a good family camera at an affordable price.

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