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Nfc Title Game

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The 49ers all the way. If it comes down to the Giants and Pats i want the Pats to win due to Brady played for my College Team I love Go Blue!!!!!!!!!!! (Michigan)

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I guess if I HAD to choose I would pick the Ravens but Ray Lewis is a close 2nd behind Brady on my I can't stand list!

Ray Lewis is the reason I dislike the Ravens (plus of course they are in the same division as the Steelers). Ray Lewis (okay, to keep from having my reply tossed) ALLEGEDLY was involved in a murder as either an accomplise or the actual one (my aunt lived in Philly at the time and it was all over the news and she followed it and couldn't believe he wasn't charged). Throw a guy in jail for dog fighting but let someone off scott free for (ALLEDEDLY) -----?

Don't know who to route for, probrably the Giants. They really surprised me againt Green Bay.

Lewis didn't even take his hat off during the NA. LOWLIFE!!!

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