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Jr Wins !

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That was good to see jr finally pull one out, I'll always be a Biff fan since I use to work for him and his family but it really was cool to see the black car and the earnhardt name in victory circle....way to go jr......


I think every driver there was rooting for him, atleast they were happy to see him win anyways....


Still, Biff for the championship..... B)

The people on this forum are truly one of a kind I had this conversation on the local Georgia forum and it turned into a dale jr bashing thread couldn't even cary on a conversation due to the haters know it alls and just plain idjits it was great to see him win but ole junebug will be battling the biff and the others for the big cup lol

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I have gone to Dover about 10 times. I just want to see what is like at night at a Nascar Race. I love dirt track racing at night but with all the dirt and my Daughter having to wear contacts I don't think dirt track is the best for her.
they make googles lots of kids and women where them for the dust dirt I would rather go to a dirt track any day of a NASCAR race I was raised in the dirt love it



I know they make the goggles Ernhardt SR wore them. I just hope someone wins the cup who has not won it yet.

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My wife is a big Junior fan so it made her day to see him win finally and especially nice because he won here at this track.

Most of my attraction for the sport died when Dale Sr did, just not been the same for me since. Love him or hate him, he was a one of a kind type driver that knew how to get it done.

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