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Off Season Project, Ruger 10/22

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Soon as I finish my W200 IR unit I'll get rolling on this. Ive got the start to it anyway, I have the reciever/frame and SS barrel for now. I plan of putting a 18 1/2 inch bull barrel on it but those seem hard to find right now unless you pay an arm and a leg. I just ordered the complete bolt, next order or bid will be for the trigger group and pin set, then a couple of ruger BX-25's (if I can find them affordable!) then the bull pup ZK-22 from red jacket. It's gonna be a sweet lil set up if obama doesnt take it from me after its built!

here is a link to redjacket's page with the conversion done. some don't like Bullpup's but I think it looks good and should be fun.







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