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Pa Camfest Shirt Order

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ok guys, got the prices today so want to get the order going. Hopefully we can get the Date nailed down soon and i want to get this in early so it is not right down to the last min getting them in.


all money can be sent to my paypal AS A GIFT PLEASE (the prices shown do not cover paypal cost so has to be sent as gift) tweeds50@gmail.com

i need to know what size, how many, what style and color.

ex: 1-XL hoodie-orange

1-M hoodie-red

2-2XL long sleeve-red


The print this year will be black and you can choose between a red shirt or a saftey orange. Prob going to be the bear on back and bear tracks coming up sleeve on everything but the short sleeve shirts. Here is the design.


*last day to order 4/24/13



S -XL = $9.00

2XL-3XL = $11.00


Long Sleeve T-Shirts

S - XL = $12.00

2XL-3XL = $14.00



S - XL = $25.00

2XL-3XL = $30.00

Crewneck Sweatshirts

S - XL = $15.00

2XL-3XL = $20.00



Orders so far


tweeds- 1-XL Orange Hoodie, 1-XL Red Long Sleeve T, 1-XL Orange T-shirt

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Looks good Tweeds. Thanks for the info.

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