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I'm having a hard time putting into words, what is in my head! Maybe a brain here can translate my "cave man" talk to "tech talk."


I am working on a Screech Owl project for a Nature Conservancy. My plan is to have a device next to a preserved Screech Owl that visitors (usally children) can interact with. Push a button and hear the sounds the Screech Owl makes.


What is the device or platform called that would allow me to download the sounds and playback the sounds by push of a button?

I searched USB alternatives. USB flash drive audio devices. I'm not sure what other words to use in this search.


Are there other tech methods of approach?


Not even sure USB is the way to go with this. I really don't want anything more complex than the push of a button. I mean, I would imagine having to navigate a touchscreen is a bit too much. And more expensive. If I have to create, or build this unit I am up for it. (I think). I just don't know how to approach it. I am a cave man.


Thanks in advance for any responses




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I would imagine all you need is a Mp3 player with screech owl calls loaded onto it and hooked to a amped speaker....similar to the homemade digital predator caller. No need to reinvent the wheel caveman :P

Something like this should work...maybe not so large a speaker etc and a little modification for power source being plugged in.(there are other variations of this out there on the web)


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that would be fun - with motion detection you could scare the crap outta someone....I know from personal experience at a Porcupine Mountains Wilderness visitor center display :eekout:

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Thanks for the help fellas. That last one (E123) nailed it and it's very cheap!!!! I ordered the push button option. The motion sensor player may be nice for security IN the shop. I can think of a variety of things to record for would-be burglars to hear!!! The unmistakeable sound of a .45 Colt Peacemaker cocking would be ample I'm sure. They'd leave yellow puddles in their tracks!! :ph34r:


BIG HELP...can't thank you enough!



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