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Bg-2 Board Down

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OK, I have not been into the cam building for a very long time, i quit pretty much about the time Hags left. since then i have forgotten most everything i knew about boards. I have one of Brian's BG2 boards that has quit me, i actually have 4, but the other three still work fine. Have been out of hunting for several years but now the bug to drag out my cams and bow is getting pretty strong. Id like to have this fourth BG2 board working.


Symptoms: was snapping pictures wildly last time i used it, fill a card up in a day. So tonight i drag them all out of storage and i put a battery in it, turned it on, get the red flash, then nothing, no walk test LED flash, and after setting an a time no powering the cam on, no picture, no normal activity. i know its simple but danged if i remember.

Anyone fix these things? i hate to pitch it in the trash can, and Brian has left long ago to care for family.

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