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Ssii Trailmaster/slave Programming

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Well, I've been thinking and probably the Bigfoot board is the better option for this, BUT we all like to tinker, so I'm thinking about a SSII program that gives us this option.


Rapid fire pics during the day and 19 (whatever number you choose here) second delay at night to allow the slave to charge.


Obviously this type of programming is not a new concept, but as Gary fine tuned the new calibrated day/night sensing code, I've been thinking more about it. Some motivation for me is a Canon DSLR Rebel xti build I'm working on using the SSII. I'm tweaking the TYPE 5 code for this particular camera. (You leave the camera always on and it has it's own sleep mode to conserve battery life). I'd love to have quicker intervals between pics during the day and a slower interval between pics at night.


I'll try to take a swing at putting a code together, but I'm a rookie. Lol


If anyone wants to give it a try, let's see it and discuss. -Paul

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I modified a code & it wasn't working to my satisfaction, so I haven't posted it yet. My rebel DSLR build is coming together nicely. I modified a code that wakes the camera up from sleep mode, then does double pics, but no day/night yet...

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if you want rapid fire pics...and I mean really rapid - maybe just set the camera for max speed and do your program to hold the shutter longer. The DSLRs can be set to take multiple pics per second. I think you can pick how fast you want it to fire so could set the camera to take 1,2,3 pics per second and then have the SS2 holding the shutter for 3,4,or 5 secs etc etc. I take it you are trying to get that perfect shot. For you night shot just have the shutter hold time set to minimum...thinking this may end up taking a lot of testing to get it right so it's not taking 2-3 pics....easier to do it less pics per second is chosen in the camera settings. Just some ideas bouncing around my head...maybe give you another direction/option to look at.

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