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New Set With A New Camera

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Bill, One of my buddies has walkers, and they are good hounds. The only hunting i have ever done is predator hunting. I was introduced to calling predators in 1967 when I was stationed at a Marine Corps helicopter base in southern California. My first night out, the guy who took me out called up a mountain lion and I was hooked. Fourteen years ago, I was a moderator on a predator hunting forum. I was the moderator on the bear and lion forum. I became good friends with another moderator. Gary is an ADC man and works for the Federal Government doiing animal damage control. Gary is my age, and he has been breeding hunting dogs for 50 years now. Gary came here to hunt bears and cougars with me in September 2002. He brought along his best dog Toby. Toby's picture was on the cover of a national predator hunting magazine in 2002. That week hunting here with Toby impressed me, and I told Gary if he ever had a pup for sale, I would love to have one. Gary called me on February 1st 2004, and told me he had a litter of six new pups and I could have pick of the litter. My wife and I drove to Billings Montana in April that year to pick up Buddy when he was six weeks old. I bought my first two trailcams in October 2003. Those were camtrakkers with P32's. Buddy started going on camera checks with me in May 2004 and in June when he was four months old, he treed his first bear. I doubt if anyone on any of the trailcam forums has been on as many camera checks as Buddy has. He has more than ten years experience now, and he has checked at least one cam every day of his life, and sometimes 6 to 8 cams in one day.

The first pic is a famous pic of Toby that was a magazine cover pic in 2002. It was the cover pic in the 2004 O'Gorman's catalogue. The second pic is Toby and Lightning. Lightning is having a coyote for breakfast. Lightning is Bluddy's sister from the same litter.



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Lightning killing a coyote


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This is my first visit to this thread, now I'm hooked. Please keep post your stories Bob, GREAT


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