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Picamoo 08m2 Baord

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I bought some of these on eBay to have for my little projects. Seems like a good price to me. I put these 4 together and tested one of them out. Easier than building my own little board and probably cheaper too?

It was like $0.25 each extra board to ship. So I got 4 to make it a better deal.

Just in case there are any Picaxer's out there interested.

The price increased about $0.25 cents each board since I bought mine, but still seem like a deal to me?

So if you got 4 it would end up costing you about $12.37 a board I think.








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Nice little boards



I like it, has the program plug socket for the chip, chip, screw terminal couple of headers, even has the standoffs. I will find something to use them on.

Maybe not such a deal to get just one, but if you get say 4, then it comes out to about $12.37 a board.


Some more information here:



and here:


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:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


I wouldn't be on here today either (should be at work) but I took a little spill yesterday at work and it has me on the couch today on the mend.

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