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Target Cam

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i wasnt sure where to put this so sorry in advance. im wanting to build a target cam for long range target shooting and need some input.

iv been doing some reading on this project and it seems easy enough to do with a wireless router and http://www.amazon.com/TP-LINK-TL-SC3171-Su...n/dp/B004S9CFZ2 or similar matched with a laptop with wifi. has anyone here done this already? im looking at using a digital camcorder..sony, canon etc. hooked to a transmitter/receiver http://www.ebay.ca/itm/4-channels-2-4G-3W-...=item43b6fdec1a and a 12v monitor out of the rv. antenna needs attention as well as battery consumption during use. inverter with battery and or solar panels have been considered for power. are any of the tr/tx units better than others? has anyone here built there own tr/tx units? the retail ones that are for sale are still in their infancy and have lots of room for improvement. i want to build my own and thought there might be some members here that might like to build one of these too. jump in anybody.


p.s. the reason i want one is my eyes are going fer sh** and cant see past the mirage with my spotting scope anymore.

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