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Bear Video

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My computer table is in our living room, and it is four feet from our front door. Early this morning, I was sitting at the computer drinking coffee. Our front door was open, but the storm door was closed. I take food down to the bear tree every evening in a five gallon bucket. Last night, when I came home from the bear tree, I sat the bucket on our front porch right next to the door before coming in the house. Well, while I was sitting here drinking coffee, I heard that bucket fall over on the porch. When I got up and stepped over to the door, there was a bear on our front porch just two feet from the glass door. I called Buddy and let him out to chase the bear away. He treed the bear in a large maple tree that is in our front yard and just 18 feet from our bedroom window. I took my camera out and got pics and videos and I will post some tonight. i am back at my computer finishing my coffee and typing this. Buddy still has the bear treed in the front yard.


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This is a pic of the smal bear. i will post a video later when it is ready n Vimeo



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