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Dva Homebrew For Checking Electronic Ignitions

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I built one of these to check the ignition circuits on outboard motors. Very easy to do. No matter what you may read the capacitor is a 2.2uf (microfarad) though I used a 3.3uf rated at 400 volts. I wouldn't go much higher in uf (microfarad) capacity because it would take too long to charge it up for a good reading.

http://forums.iboats.com/forum/engine-r ... multimeter


A very simple circuit that can save you a lot of money and grief when the outboard starts acting up.


DVA Explained:

http://www.go2marine.com/productcenters ... lained.pdf


Troubleshooting data

http://www.ebasicpower.com/downloads/cd ... INRUDE.pdf






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