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Dxg 125 In 1060 With Aio With Exchanger

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For sale is a DXG 125 in a 1050 case. $175 tyd lower 48 states.

It uses an AIO board and picaxe programming to control camera. I suggest buyer be proficient in picaxe so they can change the video length and delay settings.

Set-up uses 7 lithium AA batteries. 7 batteries keep the voltage over 12 but under the limit of the AIO board.


There is an HT exchanger with provides day color and night IR videos. The exchanger switched using an H Bridge circuit; not one of the driver/control boards that come with exchangers. The H Bridge switches the polarity of the wires to the exchanger, thus switching it extremely fast.


I do not have a battery charger to provide with this setup. You do get a battery. Instead I will provide a carrying case. See picture.


The set up uses HT proprietary PTSS (or whatever I called it) which connects the batteries to the board circuit when the case is closed. No wires to get caught in the case when closing. A crossover test wire is included so the camera can be operated on the open position.


There is an external on/off switch. A 1/4-20 nut is mounted inside. This is used to connect your mounting bracket. (not included)

A Velcro strap holds the camera in place.









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