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Another Close Encounter

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Thanks Wolfy and Befus for your comments. Right now I am extremely disgusted with the things going on around here. My neighbor and I are very good friends, but for now, we are at odds with each other and it's all because of this darn buck. I might buy a deer tag and kill the buck myself and end this nonsense.


He is indeed "the buck of a lifetime" and some would pay 10k (or more) for you to guide them and get a crack at him. Any time that much value, whether actual, or intrinsic is involved, it will do crazy things to normally solid folk, let alone the less trustworthy among us. I personally would trade one or more body parts for the opportunity. The old adage "All honor among people ends when there are two people and one dollar" comes to mind. I would certainly hate to read that such a magnificent animal met his end at the unknown hand of some interloper, rather than at yours, or one of your cronies or family. Sorry you are suffering through this, but I am certainly cognizant of the cause of the furor and activity, if not sharing the emotion and lack of character myself. Best regards and good luck with all this.



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