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14' Tower Deer Stand

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Started this project in the Spring out in the garage (as the snow lingered on). Attached the EZ Brackets, legs & raised 'er mid-Summer after some time freed up and the ground dried out long enough to get into the field. Was originally going to make it Octagon-shape (with same base) to better suit bowhunting, but I didn't like the space I'd lose. Was also contemplating a rubber roof, but way more expensive than the asphalt shingles. Large plexiglass windows on 3 sides flip up to the inside, again enlarged with bow in mind. Figured I'd build one, use it for a while and think about what to do differently the next time around. I will say that it started out as a center trap door, but I screwed it shut after crawling up inside of it one time with 3 kids. Not much room to manuver around with it open not to mention the lost floor space to account for it. Since then I've cut a door in the back side. Lesson learned.


Here's a link to more pics & the raising for those that are interested:


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