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Panasonic Question...

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Any of you guys that have worked with the Panasonics ever used a TZ3? Girl I know has one and said I could have it if it would work for me. Don't see them listed but thought maybe one of you guys might know what they are like. :)

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First thing I would do is borrow it and play around with it some. That hands on time may prove valuable.


I always check a cameras accessible settings in the Manual or Program mode and how fast it can take a pic once it is powered up. The LZ8/LZ10 takes around 3 sec. to warm up and extend the lens. Pic to pic time is about 1.5 sec. The Bigfoot Boards shutter time is programmed at 3 sec. to prevent blurry pics. Looks like the TZ3 is about the same or maybe a tad faster warming up. I use the LZ8 on trails with no problem.


I don't worry about how long it takes the camera's flash to charge because I always use a Vivitar 2800 Salve flash with the Bigfoot 12 sec. TMS (Trailmaster Slave) timing. I do a camera flash capacitor mod to conserve battery power. I use a 2.2 or 3.3 micro farad capacitor. Either one has worked for me.


Check the LZ8 hack here: Most all of the Panasonic cameras are about the same as far as hacking them.


IR if wanted: Mine is white flash.




Here are the reviews:




Operating Manual



Here are the settings I use in the Panasonic LZ8:



LZ8 Review (Compare to the TZ3)




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Thanks!! I'll give it a whirl.

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